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Sam: "Adrienne was Rude to Me from Day One"

Sam clears up her true feelings for Adrienne, Kat, and C.J. At this point, we're almost halfway through your time on the Honor. How are you feeling? What's the mood like?
Sam Orme: At this point in the charter season, with back-to-back charters and having very little turnaround time, I am starting to feel the physical stresses of sleep deprivation and tired muscles. The abrupt change in lifestyle for me, having come from spending 40 hours/week in the office is rough. Everyone's patience is being tested, and people are being pushed to their breaking point, so the mood is tense! However, now we are all gradually starting to figure each other out, and with that should come more fluid charters (I hope).

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Catch up on Below Deck on Peacock or the Bravo App. You said in a previous episode that you wanted to have fun, but working on a boat is a lot of work. Do you think you were prepared?
SO: I definitely was not prepared! In my experience, people who work and/or live on the water are usually wonderful, successful, and pleasant individuals, who all know how to have a good time. When it comes to the character traits of a couple of Honor's staff, that's simply not the case. It was much different than I imagined it would be.

Furthermore, people think that working on a yacht in the Caribbean would be the ultimate awesome job, but on a yacht this size, it's actually just the opposite at times. Knowing that paradise is literally just outside your window (or porthole in this case), except you can't have it is such a tease. The guests this week were difficult and made you do things like unpack/press all their clothing. What did you think when these requests came in?
SO: I don't think a request like that is unreasonable at all... unless your charter is only two nights long and you pack enough garments for a month. The phrase "overpacking" is a huge understatement here. Nevertheless, the iron and I bonded on that charter, and I have gained much respect for the people working at dry cleaners! Ha! You shared something really personal with Kat — the details of your sister's passing. Why did you decide to do that? What is our relationship like with Kat?
SO: Kat is such a wonderful person and friend. I was able to connect with her very quickly. In fact, she is the only person I have ever shared that story with in so much detail -- ever! She approached me in asking about my sister, Tanya, and allowed me to feel comfortable enough to really open up to her about it. She told me it was OK to cry, and honestly made me feel so much better just to have someone who I could talk to about it with. It is part of the healing process and was such a huge help. A little compassion goes a long way. Kat is such a doll. I just love What did you think when Kat said that she and Adrienne think that sometimes you move slowly?
SO: I always value Kat's unbiased opinion. So when she gave me tips, they were appreciated. She has a way with people. I think Kat would make a great Chief Stew someday. Kat said she sometimes feels caught between you and Adrienne. Could you sense that?
SO: Yes. She shouldn't have been, and I feel bad that we put her in that spot. But when there are only three girls aboard with eight other male crewmates, I imagine it would be hard not to get stuck in the middle of a cat fight (no pun intended). Both Adrienne and I were looking for her to take our side, and poor Kat must have felt like she was being ripped at the seams. The male guests get pretty fresh with Kat. You were making drinks while they were doing that. What did you think when they made their comments?
SO: They weren't the first and certainly won't be the last to make passes at the female crew. Unless it gets really inappropriate, you kind of just have to have thick skin and let them know it's unacceptable and to please refrain from further comments. It's an unfortunate truth about yacht guests: they often feel entitled to say (and do) whatever they want because they paid for it. But that doesn't mean they own us! We find out more next week, but other crew members suspect Kat is drunk. How was she behaving? 
SO: Carefree and hilarious. I wish everyone would act like that more often! It wasn't affecting her service, so I just enjoyed the comedy show. She and Ben together in the galley are a riot!! Honestly, I just thought she was in a really good mood. You an C.J. don't seem to be on the same page about your relationship. Are you just telling Kat you don't like C.J.? Or is that really how you felt? C.J. Seems to think there are deeper feelings there.
SO: C.J. makes a great friend and roommate. He is super fun and so sweet to me! But us attempting to take it further was a mistake. I thoroughly enjoy being single, and I intend to keep it that way, even at the expense of his Why do you think you and Adrienne rub each other the wrong way?
SO: We just have total opposite personalities. If you look at the Myer-Briggs Personality chart, we couldn't be on further ends of the spectrum. I'm a Thinker and a Judger, she's a Feeler and a Perceiver (which makes her, by nature, a poor leader). Look it up!

Regardless, she was rude to me from Day One. It's ironic that her catchphrase is "Go Team" (as annoying as that is) because the girl doesn't have an ounce of teamwork in her. But I guess you can't blame the girl for trying.

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