Is Dean Slover Still Kate Chastain's "Charter Guest Soulmate"?

Is Dean Slover Still Kate Chastain's "Charter Guest Soulmate"?

The charter guest has changed since his first time on #BelowDeck.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Not So Super Soup Below Deck

It wouldn't be a season of Below Deck without Dean Slover, the perennial charter guest who returned to the show in Tuesday night's new episode. Although the latest charter wasn't the smoothest of sailing for the whole Valor crew, especially the exterior and Chef Ben Robinson, Captain Lee Rosbach couldn't have been more excited to welcome Dean back aboard. "I love having him on the boat. You know what you get with Dean, and you know what to expect. We know what he likes, we know what he doesn't like," the Below Deck boss told "He's one way: extremely punctual. This is when dinner is served. This is where you will sit. That's just Dean. And when he has his friends on board, he's a lot more relaxed, a lot more fun, and he just really, really enjoys living." 

Kate Chastain also said that she's noticed that Dean has let his guard down since his first charter on Below Deck, which, as you may recall, involved him calling the chief stew out for her "bitchy resting face" and her retaliation in the form of a, er, "rocket ship"-shaped blanket fold. "I think he also is much more relaxed now that he's been on charters with us a few times. He doesn't have to worry as much. And also, I think he's really happy in his dating life. He's like a new man," she said. "But having Dean on board really makes my job a lot easier at this point because he's practically a chief stew himself. He already has theme party ideas and activities. He's just great." 

"And he's not afraid to go all out. He really enjoys it," Captain Lee added. 

But Captain Lee and the rest of the Valor crew better watch out, because Kate is totally ready to take things to the next level with her "charter guest soulmate." "If Dean had a yacht, I would be his chief stew," she said. 

Luckily, we still get to see Kate as the chief stew of the Valor every Tuesday night at 9/8c, which always includes memorable moments like the one below.

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Kate's Scandalous Blanket Fold
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