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Captain Lee: Ben Needs to Focus Less on "Ems"

Captain Lee isn't a fan of how Bemily is affecting the crew's performance.

By Lee Rosbach

OK, two episodes to go, which means we have twelve episodes done. We’re on our last charter, so you would think that we would have our sh-- together, wouldn’t you? The guests are a group of lovely ladies that are just out to have a good time, relax, and enjoy themselves. It’s our job to be as energetic and upbeat as we were on day one of the season. After all, the guests don’t know that they are the last charter of the season…oh wait they do, Sierra politely informed them of that. But even so, they deserve our best effort and service. Unfortunately, that sentiment doesn’t seem to be shared by all of the crew. Some are too busy slacking off and thinking of what they are going to do when this charter is over or bitching about their superiors, who only want them to do their jobs well. Well I for one have heard enough of this whining to last me a long time. Guess what, cupcake, it’s not over till it’s over, and we’re not done yet.

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Ben, your food again is impeccable. Your presentation is spot on as well. You’re just doing an outstanding job in those two regards. But I really wish you would let “Ems” get on with her work and stop being a distraction to her. I’m sure she could have gone without that back rub in the corner of the galley when she was being paged on the radio. Oh, I forgot, you don’t use a radio, and she didn’t have hers either. I feel if you would concentrate more on the galley and less on “Ems” we might all be better served. I mean really, is it your call whether the interior crew earned or deserve a break? Oh, and I apologize for being underway without consulting you first, I wasn’t aware that I had too. I’ll keep that in mind next time I need to pull the anchor and move the yacht. Seriously, it wasn’t that bad out, so save it. I didn’t see anything flying off the counters. I guess the guests’ agenda doesn’t matter that much. And by the way, you begrudge me a bowl of cereal, but you offer to make the second stew poached eggs? I didn’t realize how high maintenance I have become.

Kate, I thought you had your hands full with all sorts of issues and you handled them well. I’m not sure why our crew seems to be so content with being mediocre, but they certainly appear to have fallen into that snare. Not sure why stews decided to phone this last charter in, but it certainly appears that they did. I guess they thought the charter guests didn’t need toilet paper. Perhaps they thought they were going to air dry or something. And I totally get the radio thing. No one answers, no one was listening, and it appeared to me that no one except you and I cared. They were too busy fighting with each other about things that didn’t really matter. Oh and I apologize for demanding a bowl of cereal, won’t happen again. I know how much time that took to prepare. I do admire the way you stayed calm and collected, even doing their work yourself when needed to make sure the guests didn’t suffer. Well done.

Kate Chastain Has Reached Resting Bitch Face Code Red

Emily, I think that most of the issues you had on this charter could be traced back to you being distracted by Ben. Maybe, maybe not. But I thought that you did not put forth your best effort. Perhaps it’s because it’s the last charter of the season. Well our guests from first to last deserve the same treatment, and that takes our best effort. And with the amount of time you spent in the galley as opposed to doing what’s expected from you, I was slightly disappointed in the effort. You have performed very well up to this point, and I hope it doesn’t continue on this path. You are much better than that.

Sierra, I have a hard time believing that you were shocked by some of Kate’s comments. Did it not occur to you that the guests would need toilet paper or their rooms made up? You slacking on your duties is what prompted those comments. And you’re telling Kate not to take it too far? Let me see if I have this correct -- you get caught not doing something you’re supposed to do, which is have your radio, and you tell your superior not to take it too far. But then that’s not the first or second time that has happened I’m guessing, is it? That’s good. I think you would be better served if you spent more time working and less time fighting with Kyle and Kelley and Kate, and whomever else you consider negative and childish.

Has Kate Chastain Gone Too Far?

Nico, all in all I thought that you had a pretty good week. You stepped up, worked hard, and worked well with Kelley to get things done. Displayed a good attitude. One thing I would like to point out to you is that when Kyle and Lauren are bad mouthing the rest of the crew, I really don’t think you do your self any favors by joining in with them in doing that. I don’t feel that it sets a good example for them. It gives them the impression it’s OK, and it’s not. That sort of chatter is never a good thing to indulge in. You are better than that. I hope you keep it up throughout the rest of this charter. Good job so far.

Kyle, why do you insist on pushing Sierra’s buttons? If you would just let some of the things she says roll off, there would be a lot less turmoil. I have no problem with the work you are doing on board, but I do have serious concerns that you are not really working at getting along well with others. You need to get over it. You have to work and interact with her, so why make it difficult and take needless offense to everything that she says? Doesn’t look very good on you at all. Rise above it. Just doing good work on board isn’t enough, you need to get on decently with your crewmates. And if you can’t, then there will be issues, as you can plainly see. That doesn’t mean sitting around talking badly about them when they’re not around.

Sierra Storm Blows up at Kyle Dixon

Lauren, still stirring the pot I see. I’m not sure why you feel the need to talk about everyone on board, and not in a flattering fashion. I really wish you would get over it, but it’s a bit late in the game for that I suppose, isn’t it. That radio seems to be an issue with you as well. But it’s probably too late for that too I feel. Oh that’s right, it’s the last charter and you really don’t care. Isn’t that what you said. Why do I think that that has been your attitude all season long? Well, one more to go.

Kelley, well here we are on the last charter. You and Nico seemed to have reached common ground and I am happy for that. You guys worked well together this week, and it showed. I think you learned that no good deed goes unpunished when you tried to explain to Sierra that Kyle overreacted, and it backfired on you. Not your fault, I agree with you that Kyle should have kept his mouth shut, and Sierra should have not been quite so sensitive. Learning experience. Oh, the headband by the way isn’t your best look. But that’s just me. I’m not sure where you got the idea that Kate was on the warpath. It looked to me that she just asked you that the stew not be bothered when they were serving and whatever it was could wait until service was done. But again that was a Kyle and Sierra thing again. I will be glad when we can have them both in neutral corners. You also seem a bit more relaxed this week as well, so keep it going. Only one more to go.

Sierra Storm Blows up at Kelley Johnson

Well, as you can tell, I’m not that pleased with the way some of the crew behaved this week, nor am I pleased with the level of service and lack of work ethic. You don’t get a break just because it’s the last charter. You need to finish the task at hand or do not embark on the endeavor. And you need to do it properly; after all, that is what we are selling here, great service, in a great atmosphere. I have to take responsibility here, because I must be doing something wrong to have the crew in this state this late in the game. I really do hate babysitting and it appears that left to their own devices, some of the crew are just not willing to perform up to standards. I just hope they snap out of it before this charter is over. So until next time, may you have the wind at your back and calm water beneath your keel!

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