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Captain Lee: Things Could Get Ugly If I Don't See Improvement

Captain Lee never settles for mediocre.

By Lee Rosbach
Captain Lee Calls the Crew "Mediocre"

Well aren’t these guests just full of surprises. Right when I thought that it couldn’t possibly get worse, it does. But there are some pleasant surprises this week that I didn’t see coming. I think one of the crew saw way more of the guests than she wanted, but sometimes that happens. That sort of behavior can never be condoned. I wasn’t aware of it at the time. The wellbeing and safety of my crew always come first. Had I been there, we would have had a different outcome to this specific charter. This much is true, they may not have thought it fair, but whoever said life was fair? And you know, for every bit of bad behavior, someone has a reason for that behavior and why it should be OK. Well, it’s not, not now, not ever. And that includes our guests. However, that being said there were some good things to take away from tonight’s episode, so let’s get to that and more.

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Nico, I’m starting with you again. Why, are you having such a hard time with some of the simplest tasks? You want the responsibility, and when given a free hand, you just can’t deliver. I don’t for a second believe that you aren’t capable; because, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary, I still think you have what it takes. If I could just get you to move out of your own way. If you would just do the job and not worry about how you think you look or appear to other people, it might help. And no, you are not trying to get along with EJ, or show any respect, so let’s not pretend. On the beach you walk by a perfectly good cabana, and try to set up a tent in winds that really won’t allow it, but instead of assessing the situation and making a decision, you force it and try to set up the tent anyway. It fails, and you’ve just wasted a bunch of time you didn’t have. Oh and by the way, when you don’t show any respect for EJ, you’re telling the rest of the crew they don’t have to either, and that I’m a fool for bringing him on board. Well show me that you can handle it and maybe I wouldn’t need someone else. The first positive thing I’ve seen from you is that you actually admitted that you blew the beach party and that you were to blame. It’s a start, not much of one, but right now I’ll take what I can get, and I think it’s a start that I hope we can build on. I’m not even going into the little tit for tat you guys had after another night out, because I don’t think that’s even worth commenting on. But you already know that.

Nico and His Brother Butt Heads with EJ

Bruno, you had a decent week. Not a great week, but you continue to improve on deck and I’m happy to see that. I did find it odd that you and Nico decided to have a bit of a pity party and diss the interior department on your way back from the beach. I didn’t think that was a good look for you. Nico is the only one with enough experience to be talking smack, but even he knows it’s wrong to do so. I do appreciate the fact that you didn’t take Nico’s advice and “just let the interior deal with it” when looking for the speakers. Good effort on your part. All in all, I think you are still on the right track, and I would like to see you stay that way and not get distracted by the goings on around you.

Bri, I thought you had a good week as well, not outstanding, but a good solid week. No major issues, but nothing extraordinary either. I did like the way you gave Jen some positive feedback on the way she handled herself this charter. So well done. You do have a lot more potential than I think you are showing, but we will see.

Baker, still a solid showing. I know it’s not easy trying to work with egos, but you are making the best of it and doing a fine job as well. Your attitude and work ethic will take you a long way if this is something you wish to pursue. I hope that you do, you will be an asset to some yacht somewhere for sure.

EJ, if it were easy, everyone would do it, right? I just have a couple of items you may want to think about. One, is I think that you and Baker should not be discussing Nico. I know you are frustrated and don’t want to come crying to me, but then you should just keep it to your self. Two, after a night of drinking pick your battles carefully. You are never going to reason with people who are drunk; you know that and worry about things that you will remember more than six months from now. If you won’t remember it, it probably isn’t worth bringing up in the first place. I liked the way you didn’t toss Nico under the bus by saying anything negative in our meeting. I thought you had a solid week with those two exceptions. And they aren’t major, just a couple of things to work on.

Jen, how ya doing? I thought that you were spot on with your assessment of things. You should be taking the advice that you give your daughter. Just do your job and roll with it. Get out of the pity pool. And this week you seemed to have done just that. So, Kudos to you. I thought the way you dealt with the aggressive charter guest was spot on. You hung in there and did yourself proud I thought. You nailed the cucumber gimlet, which by the way I find disgusting, but to each their own. Nice job Kate, going down with Jen to do turn downs, and watching out for her. Smart move for both of you. All that being said, Jen, I thought you had a much better week and am looking for you to keep on improving.

Matt, you did well this week. A couple of thoughts though. I feel you really need to believe in your ability more. You knew what they wanted from the preference sheet, but in what world do you do tacos on the beach? Not exactly beach fare, don’t you think? Kate gave you good advice, and kudos to you for listening to her. Your food was very good this week, and you should know that and even though positive feedback is always nice, when people drink as much as these people did, their taste buds are not always functioning properly. You know when you’ve nailed it, so believe in yourself. I do. Good week, sir.

Kate, wow. Week nine already. I can’t say it has exactly flown by, but here we are. I liked the way you included Jen in some positive things this week and helped her out with turn downs when you knew she was uncomfortable. And then when you told her what a good job she did this week. All good stuff. The beach party sucked, but you didn’t have a lot to work with either. I know that you and I share the same feeling about mediocrity, and I really hope that we can pull this crew out of wherever they are to an acceptable level. You had a really good week I feel.

There it is. End of week nine and you saw how I was begging the crew to take what I was telling them about average work to heart. I think I may have played my last hole card there, begging. Hope not, because after that, things could get really ugly if I don’t start to see some improvement. I will have no other choice, because I am not ever going to settle for just getting the job done. Nor should anyone, always do your best. Just getting it done is not why we’re out here. Let’s hope it improves. I have hope. Until next week, keep the wind at your back and calm seas beneath your keel. Stay safe out there.

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