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Captain Lee Rosbach: "Let Your Work Speak for You, Not Your Mouth"

Captain Lee thinks Rhylee Gerber has a good work ethic, she just needs to keep her comments to herself. 

By Lee Rosbach
Did Kate Chastain and Josiah Carter Just Get Caught Being Mean Girls?

Alan and Danielle, welcome back. You guys are the absolute best. Love you and so happy you came back to give us another shot. And on Alan’s birthday, so here we go.

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There is no improvement on the scenery here. It is unrivaled anywhere. There are just no words. We have the boat, we have the islands, we have the resources…but do we have the talent on board to deliver? After watching this episode, I see some cracks on this suit of armor that we are wearing.

As far as this episode goes, I feel like I’m in a dodge ball tourney; it’s a target-rich environment, and I don’t have enough balls to throw.

I’m going to start tonight with Ross. He is clearly frustrated with the way things are playing out. After watching, I can’t say that I blame him. He clearly cares about his performance, but also cares about the rest of his crew and how they and the boat are perceived. He is coming to me not because of Rhylee, but because she is not getting the direction she needs from her bosun. There is nothing wrong with her work ethic. Her approach to her job lacks a bit of style. She is not a captain here, she is a third mate, and should act accordingly. But it doesn’t appear to me that she is getting much support from him nor is she getting direction. One person in the position of authority should know how to get the most out of his crew without alienating them. Doesn’t seem to be happening here. Ross didn’t throw Rhylee under the bus, he was in my opinion frustrated with the lack of leadership. Oh and that scene in your bunk with Ashton, is that something from frat house? Looked like it.

Let move on to Rhylee. Rhylee, you need to behave like a third deckhand – head down, do your job, and keep quiet. It’s not what you have done, it’s what you haven’t done, and that is follow direction without talking back. The work ethic you seem to have down, and when you do that, people will notice as I have. Let your work speak for you, not your mouth. It will take you much farther than you think. Your work ethic is appreciated, your sarcasm and uncalled for comments are not. You have a great career in front of you, don’t mess it up when you can let your actions speak for you. There is a bright future for you if you take advantage of it.

OK Chandler, it’s your turn in the barrel. When I watched tonight’s episode, I saw everyone not get a break but you. You got two of them and then turned in early shortly after coming off one of those breaks. Really? A good bosun leads by working longer and harder than his constituents. That doesn’t seem to be the case with you. The thing with the bags, how did you miss that? And then after telling the crew to change, the one crew member that does you chastise for doing so is Rhylee. And three of you can’t handle it. When I called you to the wheelhouse to chat, I’m like a trial lawyer; I don’t ask a question that I don’t already know the answer to. Your solution to the problem was not to fix it but fire somebody that you lacked the talent to manage properly. Not my style. We fix things and then after we have exhausted all of that do we dismiss them. I saw no attempt to fix anything, just pure animosity and the rest of the deck crew was not functional as well.

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You have a long way to go and I hope you have what it takes, but right now, I’m not seeing it. If you need those things you use to cover your eyes to get to sleep on a charter yacht, in my opinion, you are clearly not working hard enough. Everyone I know passes out when they hit the bunk. Time to suck it up and do the job you told me you could do.

Caroline, my gosh girl, take a break. I’m not sure I have worked with someone who is as sensitive as you. From what I have seen, Kate, Josiah, Adrian, and everyone has been gracious to you and taken that into consideration. So lighten up and just try to relax without forcing it. You appear to be overthinking every situation. Chandler had no idea what you were talking about. And eavesdropping, really? Is this high school? People seem to be trying to work with you, and you are getting too caught up in self-pity. I’m not buying it. I hope it gets better for you, you seem to be a really good person.

Ashton, good job this week, nothing to complain about. It was good of you to try to make amends with your crewmates for your impetuous behavior the week prior. Nice touch. You did a great job this time around. Well done.

Kate, your crew performed admirably this week. They just nailed it. From start to finish you guys did not miss a beat.

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Can we please stop talking about my underwear though? Nice job of trying to include Caroline in everything and bringing Josiah into the loop so he could assist. I really appreciated the genuine effort with that. We will see how it plays out.

Adrian, well done, you just keep on keeping on. I can’t say enough good things about how you are adjusting and performing. And if the money gets to heavy for you to carry around, let me know, I may have some ideas to help you out.

Josiah, what can I say? You are doing an outstanding job. You get on well with everyone and stay on top of your duties and go beyond. Well done and so far it has been a pleasure to have you on board. It’s nice to have someone to complement Kate that we can depend on when things get tough. And trust me, they will get tough.

So that’s my take on tonight’s escapades. Hope you enjoyed. Just calling it as I see it. I can tell you this, it just gets better. Just when I thought I had it all down… Well, you will just have to tune in to see. We’re in for a hell of a ride. Till next time, be safe out there.

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