Proof That Chicken Is Not Just "What Poor People Eat" — It's in 5 of the 10 Most Popular Foods of 2018

Proof That Chicken Is Not Just "What Poor People Eat" — It's in 5 of the 10 Most Popular Foods of 2018

A Below Deck guest made Chef Adrian Martin march back to the kitchen — but lots of people actually eat chicken.

By Marianne Garvey
This Below Deck Guest Says "Chicken is What Poor People Eat"

One tipsy Below Deck guest was not feeling Chef Adrian Martin’s choice of a main course on board one evening: oven-steamed chicken breast with mozzarella, tomato, and basil. While one guest remarked that it was “well done” and good for that matter, the woman insisted it was “still chicken” and that she never marked chicken on her preference sheet.

She wanted seafood, so off to the kitchen Chef Adrian marched to fry some scallops in olive oil.

First, let’s back up. Chicken is for “poor people?” Some of the finest restaurants in the world serve mouthwatering chicken dishes. In fact, Food & Wine went on a hunt across America, which they dub “Chicken Nation,” in search of the most delicious chicken meals. Yardbird Southern Table and Bar in Miami, and Barbuto in New York City made the list — and at the prices listed on those menus, no one eating there is “poor.”

Also, further proving wrong this woman’s claim that chicken is “poor people” food? Grubhub just released its annual report of the Most Popular Foods of 2018 — and guess what? Chicken dishes made up half of the top 10.

The annual “Year in Food” report revealed that chicken recipes shaped the year. In order to find this out, Grubhub analyzed millions of orders placed by more than 16 million users on its platform.

According to Grubhub's ordering data:

Plant-based foods were on the rise in 2018, and while bean burritos took the top spot as the food surging the most in popularity in 2018, along with cauliflower rice bowls, and buffalo cauliflower, Grubhub also found that America can’t get enough chicken.

Coming in at number three on the list was the chicken slider. Number five is the chicken burrito, followed by number six, the chicken sandwich, number seven the chicken and waffle slider. Number eight was the parmesan chicken.

That’s a lot of chicken orders. While the dish can range from a fast-food sandwich to a delicacy, it’s kiiiiind of impossible to call it simply “poor people” food.

Hope the guest enjoyed her replacement scallops! Cluck-cluck.

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