The 10 Signs Your Relationship Is Falling Apart Based on What Your Partner Is Posting on Social Media

The 10 Signs Your Relationship Is Falling Apart Based on What Your Partner Is Posting on Social Media

We asked the experts for the warning signs.

By Jen Glantz

Social media rules our lives. Not only is it our go-to vice to eat up our free time, or the times we’re feeling extra bored at work, but it has become the ultimate way to see what friends, family members, and even strangers are up to.

It can also be a quick and easy way to start to realize that your relationship may be heading for the dumps, based on what your partner is posting, or not posting.

Check out what these 10 relationship experts say are big signs that your relationship is falling apart, based on the statues, updates, and comments your significant other is posting. 

1. Solo Posts are Everywhere

 If you find yourself posting lovey-dovey photos of you and your partner on social media, only to then see that they strictly post photos of just themselves, something might be up.

“If your significant other only posts about himself or herself for a while which can indicate your partner is living a more separate life and may be feeling increasingly disconnected from you,” says Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D., a Los Angeles-based psychologist.

2. Criticism Keeps Flying Your Way

 Find that social media is your go-to spot to say and post whatever you feel, whenever you want? Beware if your significant other is starting to roll their eyes more often about your posts.

“If your significant other is primarily being critical of you and not positive or at least neutral on his or her postings which could be a passive-aggressive sign of your partner's dissatisfaction with you that he and she hasn't expressed enough or at all to you,” says Thomas.

3. Comments are Extra Flirtatious

 A good and sometimes bad thing about social media, is that most of what you post and comment is public to others. Which can make it easy to see if the person you’re dating is getting flirtatious with someone else. 

“If your significant other posts several comments about how attractive other men and/or women are to him or her and/or being attracted to others, this could be a red flag that suggests your companion might not feel attracted to you as much as he or she used to be and/or may feel more desirous of others,” says Thomas.

4. Dramatic Quotes and Song Lyrics

 One thing to look out for, to see if your relationship is starting to fizzle, is whether or not your partner has started to bring back their Myspace and AOL away message days, and post emotional quotes and song lyrics.

“Many people tend to communicate their feelings about their relationships through melancholic quotes that they find on the Internet,” says Alyson Cohen, a psychotherapist who specializes in working with teens and young adults. “If you see your friend posting quotes about sadness or uncertainty, it's possible that this is what he/she is feeling with regard to their relationship."

5. They Keep You a Big Secret

 Are you beginning to notice that not once in the course of your relationship with this person did they ever mention you on their social media channels?

“This is a sign that your relationship may be heading for a breakup,” says Melissa Divaris Thompson, LMFT and a relationship expert with a thriving private practice in New York City. “If your partner doesn’t want anyone else to know about your relationship, it’s a potential sign that they are not happy and may even be considering ending it."

6. They are Posting Too Much Info.

 While posting nothing about you, ever, on social media could be a big red flag, posting too much, or just TMI, could be an even bigger red flag.

“If partner posts way too often and way too much about your relationship, it’s a sign that your partner is not living in the moment with you and is potentially anxious about the relationship.,” says Thompson.

7. What They are Posting is Passive-Aggressive

 Sometimes on social media, you just need to read between the lines, especially when it comes to what your other half is posting on social media.

“Posts about how “real” men, women or partners should behave can serve as passive aggressive attempts to communicate dissatisfaction in a relationship.,” says Rhonda Richards-Smith, LCSW, Psychotherapist and Relationship Expert. “Clear and direct communication is essential if you’re hoping to improve the state of your relationship.”

8. They are Part of Strange Facebook Groups

 With the rise of Facebook groups, aka communities sometimes private or public, where people can chat with other like-minded people, it’s important to see the ones your partner has joined. 

“If your partner is involved in social media groups that are not truly inline with their relationship status, that can be a sign that the relationship isn’t going well,” says Jessica Elizabeth Opert, a Love & Relationship Coach. “Most groups are public or closed, which means they anyone can view who is in them. Have you ever noticed what groups your partner is in?  i,e, 'Women Seeking Rich Men' or Bros before Hoes' or 'Where to Bury A Body So No One Finds It' (extreme examples, but you get the idea) That should create some concern in your relationship for sure!”

9. Your Posts Go Completely Ignored

 Perhaps nothing is more annoying in a relationship, when it comes to social media, than posting about your partner and having them ghost that post. 

“If you tag your partner or make posts about him or her and those get ignored, then it’s a red flag,” says Jonathan Bennett, a certified counselor and founder of The Popular Man. “This is especially true if your partner interacts with other people regularly (but not you). If your cute social media gestures go unappreciated and unnoticed, it’s not a good sign of your relationship’s health.”

10. New Profile Photos All the Time

 Your partner might be headed toward single life if you constantly notice that they are changing their profile pictures, often, to newer, or older, more attractive photos of themselves.

“The most recurring theme I have observed is when someone in a relationship keeps changing their profile photo to increasingly attractive and engaging ones with no sign of their partner in the shot,” says Margaux Cassuto, a Relationship expert. “This is meant to signal to their network that they welcome compliments and flirtation because they crave it in their own relationship and want a taste of what it feels like to be single.”

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