Amy Schumer on Boyfriend Ben Hanisch: We Were Fooling Around..."And He Yawned"

Amy Schumer on Boyfriend Ben Hanisch: We Were Fooling Around..."And He Yawned"

The comedian's beau is not that impressed and she loves it. 

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Amy Schumer’s boyfriend may be the only one who hadn’t seen her work when he met her - but that worked for her.

Furniture designer Ben Hanisch wasn’t starstruck by her, and well, even yawns during oral sex with the comedian. So, he’s not that impressed? Amy digs it.

"I went down on Ben this morning and he yawned. It was an accident, but we were both just dying laughing," the comic says in British Glamour's May issue. “I’m happy, but obviously I was like, 'F*** you!'"

"When I'm down there, if it's more than a minute, it's his birthday or something," she jokes. "But this morning it just happened—and then he yawned and it was a great excuse to stop."

Ben, a Chicago native, now lives with Amy in her $12 million New York City apartment and has turned out to be a fantastic boyfriend.

"He's very protective of me," she says. "Like, not overprotective, but if someone's taking pictures of me or filming in a restaurant, he'll start taking pictures of them."

"He's really cool; it's not a problem to be around any of the sorts of people who are at these events. He takes it all in his stride," she adds. "But when I say, 'Shall we get out of here?,' he's like, 'Yes!' I'm so lucky that I met him. And he hadn't seen any of my work before we met…"

The two met on the dating app Raya, which Schumer was on for a total of 48 hours. Ben was the first person she met on there and they clicked.


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But having a good guy doesn’t stop her from eyeing a few Hollywood hunks—strictly on screen, of course.

She wouldn't kick Tom Hardy "out of bed," nor would she miss an opportunity to bed Christian Bale or Idris Elba. "I mean, this is just a list of who I wanna sleep with, right?"

Amy and Ben will celebrate two years in November—a date in which they said they will revisit a talk about marriage and babies.


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