Barack and Michelle Obama's First Date Has Been Turned Into a Movie

Barack and Michelle Obama's First Date Has Been Turned Into a Movie

The President and First Lady met in 1989 and fell in love.

By Marianne Garvey

Barack Obama met Michelle Robinson at a Chicago law firm in the summer of 1989. She was 25 years old and had just finished her first year at Sidley & Austin when she was assigned to mentor him for a few months. He was 27 years old.

The two had political ambitions, but had no idea they’d become President and First Lady of the United States years later. 

Now, a new movie, produced by John Legend, is doing a fictional take on what happened on the couple’s first date. Barack, played by Parker Sawyers, asks out Michelle, played by Tika Sumpter, and they spend a day together going to a movie, art galleries and eating ice cream.

Now that we know the happy ending, married with two daughters and living in the White House, watching the beginning of their courtship is sweet, even if it is actors playing the parts.

“I wonder if I can write books,” Barack says in the trailer. “Hold a position of influence in civil rights.”

“Politics?” Michelle asks.

“Maybe,” Barack replies.

In her interviews over the years, Michelle has spoken of the couple’s early days together, saying Barack was “really broke,” and had to impress her intellectually rather than with material things. 

“His wardrobe was kind of cruddy . . . His first car had so much rust that there was a rusted hole in the passenger door. You could see the ground when you were driving. He loved that car. It would shake ferociously when it would start up,” she has said. 

In the movie, we also see the beginnings of Barack’s incredible speaking ability, when he gives an inspiring speech to a crowd. 

Southside With You hits theaters August 19. Watch the full trailer below.

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