Bring Your Baby To This Gym...And Breastfeed Mid-Class If You Have To

Bring Your Baby To This Gym...And Breastfeed Mid-Class If You Have To

First time moms face countless challenges after giving birth. This place makes it easier. 

By Marni Eth
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This gym offers space for moms to socialize, sweat and breastfeed.

First time moms face countless challenges after giving birth, including emotional, physical and hormonal fluctuations, as well as sleep deprivation and stress.

Momtrepreneur Alex Winkelman Zeplain decided to create a space for women who are experiencing these issues after conquering her own battle with postpartum depression. Her company, Tribe, is a wellness community for mothers (although ALL are welcome), where women can feel supported throughout their journey of motherhood— both online and in person.

Tribe’s gym is located in Austin, Texas, and women are welcomed to bring their babies to the workout classes. It is not uncommon for mamas to breastfeed mid-class, or hold their tot while doing squats. Class types include Barre, YoMama (yoga fusion), Strength & Tone, Mindful Mobility and Girl Power (kickboxing mixed with pilates). They also provide boutique style childcare where older toddlers can play while their parents workout.

Personal Space: What inspired you to start Tribe?

Alex Winkelman Zeplain: I was inspired by my own experience with motherhood to launch Tribe. Literally, I needed a tribe in my life. I was shellshocked, I went through an identity crisis, I felt isolated and disconnected. I experienced postpartum depression and I needed help.

PS: In what ways does the Tribe community help mamas in need?

AWZ: We hold strong values when it comes to wellness for mothers. Self-care tips for postpartum depression include exercise, joining a mothers group, staying connected with friends, having quality time for yourself, being outdoors, getting sleep, and eating healthy. Although, we can’t directly help with some of these tips, we believe that if a lot of these needs are being met, the others will be positively impacted. Happy mamas equals happy babies.

PS: Aside from workout classes and childcare, what else does Tribe offer?

AWZ: Our members get access to monthly dinners, a private Facebook group, a member directly, and special pricing to our workshops. All of this brings our members and greater community closer together. Online, we talk about fertility, birth, marriage, friendship, parenting, and work. We offer tips and resources on pregnancy, exercise, breastfeeding and eating healthy. We aren’t afraid to be honest and talk about the struggles that mothers and women face and how we can overcome. As a platform for women to share, we are a much needed outlet and a way to connect.

PS: Any plans for expansion to other cities?

AWZ: For now, our focus is on expanding our online platform to reach more people. We continue to receive requests from women all over the country wanting Tribe to come to their city. It’s exciting to think about the idea of spreading our resources and helping more women.

PS: What advice would you give to those looking to find a mommy tribe?

AWZ: Embrace motherhood, accept help and try new things. I wish I had gone to “Mommy and Me” yoga sooner. Once I did, I found a safe place, a community, new friends and a support system. So many necessities for being a happy and healthy mom. It might take some time to find your place and your people, but don't give up. Lastly, Facebook groups are abundant when it comes to parenting and many of them offer meet ups. Put your big girl pants on and go!

Mothers of infants who feel very sad or overwhelmed may wish to speak with their obstetrician or pediatrician – postpartum depression may be a serious medical condition that is usually successfully managed if promptly diagnosed and treated.

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