Bully Puppy Awaiting Major Surgery Gets Custom Leg Casts to Cheer Him Up

Bully Puppy Awaiting Major Surgery Gets Custom Leg Casts to Cheer Him Up

Which, in turn, will cheer you up!

By Kristyn Pomranz

A vet tech named Kate Doyle from Perth, Australia has made a habit of creating colorful custom casts for some of her pet patients. Not unlike decorated cones of shame, the cute casts have a way of turning a sad reminder into an adorable accessory that brings smiles to all who see it.

So when an emaciated puppy wound up at her office—his leg broken to the point of needing amputation, but him being too young and too malnourished to face surgery quite yet—she knew right away that she wanted to brighten up his sad story.

Apparently the little guy had been surrendered to the vet's office. "He was bought on gumtree 'cheap cos he had a sore leg,'" Doyle posted on Instagram. Thankfully, within one day of care at the veterinarian, the pup already started looking dramatically better.

Soon, the pupper—christened Moe—was growing quite nicely, and enjoying some festive bandage changes in the meantime:

And the best part? Doyle decided to adopt Moe, of course!

He continued to get his customized casts as he awaited his time for surgery:

And soon, he was even able to attempt walking on his bum leg!

He began physical therapy (and enjoyed some heating pads):

Ultimately, he was not able to make a full recovery on his fourth leg:

But he made it through his amputation surgery:

And he is already doing GREAT as a tripod, moving better than he ever did before:

Enjoy a speedy recovery and your loving forever home, Moe! And a big thank you to Kate Doyle and all other humans who work so hard for our animal friends in need. #AdoptDontShop

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