Bunny Yoga is Now a Thing in Case Regular Yoga Wasn’t Relaxing Enough For You

Bunny Yoga is Now a Thing in Case Regular Yoga Wasn’t Relaxing Enough For You

Lotus pose? More like lettuce pose!

By Kristyn Pomranz

Like all good 30-somethings, we have subscribed to the idea that yoga is a Very Good Thing for both mind and body. We pull on our Lululemons, lug our mat to the studio, and then collapse into child’s pose with a plan to find meditation and quietude and focus and relaxation.

Here’s the thing though: Relaxing is very hard. It doesn’t matter how much you elongate your limbs or how deeply you breathe through an Om, your mind is still racing about work and childcare and whether or not you bought enough ground turkey for to have nachos for dinner.

But one thing that is always relaxing? Bunnies. Think about it: How can you worry about your hot water heater when there is a soft, floofy cottontail nearby? You physically CANNOT.

And that’s why the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah has introduced a Bunny Yoga Class that allows rabbits to hop all around you as you shavasana: It not only gives you a renewed focus and relaxation, but also raises awareness for rabbit rescue! Classes are held on the first Saturday of every month (from noon to 1pm), and all of the rabbits are adoptable should you choose to continue your Bunny Yoga practice at home.

For a moment of zen, please enjoy the video of Bunny Yoga below. Or for more information, please visit Best Friends Animal Society.

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