David Blaine Just Did the Scariest Trick With Dave Chappelle's Champagne Glass

David Blaine Just Did the Scariest Trick With Dave Chappelle's Champagne Glass

Drake and Steph Curry got in on the act too, and things got pretty nuts.

By Drew DiSabatino

Frog legs aren’t quite as popular a delicacy in the U.S. as they are in France, but there's no denying their hallowed place in the culinary world. When done right they're juicy and delicious, but we usually prefer them prepared in a skillet—not inside the stomach of America’s most daring magician.

Oh, do you want some context with that?

Look no further than the video below. It’s a clip from ABC’s newest magic show Beyond Magic, in which David Blaine (of “trying to hold his breath for 8 minutes” and “Not eating for 44 days” fame) brings his unique style of street magic to TV once again.  the premiere episode finds Blaine entertaining an all-star lineup of celebrities including Dave Chappelle, Drake and Steph Curry.

The illusion starts out innocently enough, with Blaine asking the A-list crew to draw an animal that could fit inside the palm of Drake’s hand. Chappelle, after making a pointed Meek Mill joke, settles on a frog. A moment later Blaine begins dry heaving, but instead of throwing up he produces a tiny, like-seriously-so-tiny, frog from his mouth and plops it into a Champagne flute.

Naturally everyone in the room goes nuts.

After producing a second frog Blaine stops and asks Chappelle to inspect his mouth to make sure it’s empty before he—you can probably guess where this is going—pulls a third frog from his mouth into a Champagne flute.

There’s no way around it: This is an impressive feat. Even if you want to argue “oh, but he probably knew that the person he asked would draw a frog,” the fact still remains:


Magic or not, that alone should impress you. Check out the video below, and show a little respect for David Blaine: The man definitely knows how to make an appetite disappear.

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