Now You Can Rage Against Airline Customer Service Via Video Chat, So It's About to Go Down

Now You Can Rage Against Airline Customer Service Via Video Chat, So It's About to Go Down

Prepare for a more personal form of abuse.

By Alesandra Dubin

For airplane passengers days, the skies can feel… not so friendly. We hardly have to remind you about some instances earlier this year when teens got kicked off a plane for wearing leggings, and a passenger was dragged bloody from an oversold flight, and a family was even removed as a result of bringing a birthday cake on board. It seems to just go on and on lately.

And when it comes to delays and other customer-service issues at the airport or on a plane, stakes and tensions can feel especially high — consider compounding issues like jet lag, time sensitivity, and cramped quarters. And that means when people have words for airline customer service staff, those words can often be dripping with rage.

Consider, then, that the newest innovation for customers who have something to say might just be a recipe for epic levels of drama, with a more personal touch. Delta Air Lines is now offering (wait for it) video chat, allowing customers to get face to bright-red face with a specialist, right from the airport. The option has just rolled out as part of a test program at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. 

Five interactive digital screens have individual receivers, which flyers can simply pick up to initiate hurling their insults. Or rather, voicing their concerns.

“We have the best specialists in the business — and now, they’ll be able to deliver customer solutions in an even more personal, face-to-face way,” Delta VP Charisse Evans said in a statement. 

Let’s hope the reps indeed deliver those solutions — and fast, and with super-human levels of patience. Because travelers have a lot to complain about these days, and they’re often not that cool about it, TBH.

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