I Made These DIY Frozen Dog Treats and All I Got Was A Very Unimpressed Dog

I Made These DIY Frozen Dog Treats and All I Got Was A Very Unimpressed Dog

I, on the other hand, ate one and thought it was pretty good!

By Stacy Lenz

My dog Jinx and I have a routine after our mid-day walk in the scorching summer heat: I give him an ice cube, he scampers excitedly into the next room to chomp down on it, and then about 30 seconds later, he abandons it to melt and turn into a wet spot on the carpet. Ice cubes just don’t cut it for Jinx—it’s clear that this is not his pinnacle of dog refreshment. So after scouring Pinterest, I decided I would make Jinx a special DIY frozen dog treat from scratch. Just like Martha Stewart, but way lazier!

The laziest recipe I could find had only three ingredients: peanut butter, bananas and plain Greek yogurt. It seemed like the perfect mix of Jinx’s favorite things. My dog goes bananas for bananas! How could this go wrong? (Spoiler alert: It did.)

I mashed up some bananas and mixed them in with the peanut butter and yogurt. Because I am no Martha Stewart, I only skimmed the recipe and completely missed the first step to microwave the peanut butter. Do not forget this step unless you want to work out one bicep as you struggle to stir the concoction.

At this point in the process Jinx was quite intrigued.

Once my batter was complete, I scooped the mixture into little Dixie cups at various levels (smaller for Jinx, larger for some of his big dog friends) and put them in the freezer to set. The recipe called for using ice cube trays, but the idea of washing peanut butter off of ice cube trays seemed super unpleasant after already washing it off a mixing bowl, spoon, and mashing apparatus.

After an hour in the freezer, I peeled off the paper from the Dixie cup and presented Jinx with his frozen treat, ready for a taste test. In true Jinx style, he approached it with a mixture of fear, caution, and hunger. He seemed to like it as he casually licked at it, but his overall vibe was a little “Eh.” This was not the dog that leaps into air with joy when the word “greenie bone” is mentioned or even the dog that howls with glee when he catches a pretzel that falls out of my mouth.

Even so, I was feeling pretty good about my homemade dog treats. But the next day, after a sweaty summer walk, I plopped one out of the freezer for Jinx and got the dog equivalent of a big ole “NOPE.” He tried to lick it, and the rock solid chunk of ice seemed to terrify him. Tail between his legs, he abandoned it to melt on the carpet. It turns out the frozen chunk was too much for him, so I did what any helicopter dog mom would do: I placed it in a bowl and microwaved it for him. Really. All of this for a dog who earlier in the day joyfully ate a stink bug.

In conclusion, would I make them again? For Jinx no, but for me yes. After Jinx’s treat apathy, I tried one myself and it was pretty good, like a banana whip made less fancy by being in a dog-size portion Dixie cup. If I were entertaining, I would make these for my guests (I see you, Book Club) and maybe put aside one Jinx.

I love my dog, but really, I don't love him enough to have to wash peanut butter off so many dishes again.

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