This Dating App Actually Wants You to Get Offline and Meet

This Dating App Actually Wants You to Get Offline and Meet

Doppler Social App lets you know where the boys are. (You're welcome.)

By Delaina Dixon

Tired of swiping right on that cute guy's pic, only to realize you're probably never going to meet in person? That frustrated Craig Cole, so he created Doppler Social App, to actually encourage people to have a face-to-face meeting. 

"I remember going to bars when I was younger – remember that term barhopping, and you chase girls – that was the old-school way," the founder and CEO of Doppler Social App declares. After ending a long-term relationship, Craig knew he had to get back into the dating scene. He turned to his boys and quickly realized, "Nobody knew where to go or literally even wanted to put in the effort to go out and meet people. We went home and pulled out our phones and everyone started swiping, but it didn't lead to offline meetings." 

The goal of Doppler Social App is to get singles to actually meet offline through their shared interests. When you join the site, you use the interactive map to tick off places you enjoy attending, or where you'll be in the near future. "You have venues, concerts, bars, all these real-life experiences fill up on your profile," he explains. Once you start scrolling, you can see if a person likes the same spots as you do - or if they'll be at that concert you're attending Friday night. It's the opportunity to meet someone through shared interests “as opposed to having to come up with the absolutely wittiest profile in the world,” Craig says.

Craig says it solves another major issue often encountered with traditional dating apps. “I believe people create their own unwritten rules of dating apps. I’d match with a girl, and she’d be quick to give her number because it’s easier to text. Then I’d match with another girl and say, ‘hey here’s my number,’ and she would chastise me for giving it. It just this crazy game you have to play.” By having a venue or event you’re both already attending in play, it allows for a more organic conversation that can actually lead to a date. “It’s as easy as saying, ‘Why don’t we meet there,'” Craig says. "It eliminates all that other anxiety."

Doppler Social app, available on iTunes, is currently based only in California, but Craig has plans to bring it to major cities across the nation. So you’ll soon be able to put your phone down, get out there and meet in any city. “Because that’s the fairy tale we all want,” says Craig, “of telling our grandkids how we met.”

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