Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Turkey Wins Easily as the Thanksgiving Dish of the Year

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Turkey Wins Easily as the Thanksgiving Dish of the Year

Raise your stained hand if you're gonna be making this!

By Kristyn Pomranz

We’re gonna tell you a little story: A few years back, we made a special trip to Las Vegas with the sole intention of bearing witness to Britney Spears’ residency at Planet Hollywood. As to be expected from an unparalleled pop queen, her performance was instantly iconic — the entire audience found their wigs snatched and orbiting around the universe.

In celebration of a perfect production, we decided to do what Britney Spears would do: We went to Le Burger Brasserie at the Paris and ordered their Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Onion Rings. Now, we may not remember where we stayed or who we were with or how much money we gambled away that night, but we do remember one thing: Those onion rings were BEYOND.

So please excuse us while we cry over the second greatest invention of all time: The Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Turkey.

The recipe is the brainchild of Reynolds Kitchens, which spends most of the photos highlighting their oven bags. But we ain’t even mad about the product integration because this sounds so unbelievably delicious that we are gladly gonna give Reynolds all our hard-earned dollars.

While the ingredients don’t call out Flamin’ Hot Cheetos by name (they call them “hot puffed cheese sticks”) that eye-dilating bright orange-red is unmistakable. And clearly, when they offer an alternative called Ranch-Flavored Turkey (for those who have sensitive palates), they mean Cool Ranch Doritos Turkey. (We looked for Square Cheese Crackers Turkey but it does not currently exist on Reynolds Kitchens’ site. Your move, Pan Saver.)

Anyway, please enjoy you’re the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Turkey you will very obviously be making this holiday season. (May we suggest sprinkling some additional Flamin’ Hot Cheetos into your dressing for a true beat-a-Flamin’-dead-horse effect?)

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