Frasier Shocker: Kelsey Grammer Reveals the Dark Truths of Eddie the Dog

Frasier Shocker: Kelsey Grammer Reveals the Dark Truths of Eddie the Dog

Beware: We’re about to ruin your childhood.

By Kristyn Pomranz

Most of us know Kelsey Grammer as “that guy Camille Grammer was married to on the first season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” But little-known secret: Kelsey was also the star of a ‘90s TV show called Frasier, an obscure sitcom that nobody really watched.

Okay, that’s a lie. Frasier ran for 11 seasons and won 37 Emmys and was actually a BFD. But even more importantly: It starred Eddie the Dog, a universally beloved Jack Russell terrier who arguably became the most iconic dog character in the history of modern television.

So when chatter began about a Frasier reboot, there was only one question on the collective world’s mind: How will they ever re-cast Eddie? And that was when Pandora’s box opened.

Eddie was famously played by a dog actor named Moose beginning in 1993. But apparently, he retired in the year 2000…even though the show ran for another four years.

TV Guide exclusively reveals that “Moose had gotten so old and gray that … the make-up department painted his faded markings back on, and he just got to sit on the couch and take it easy, since he couldn't really perform anymore.” Eddie lie #1.

It was then exposed that Moose was succeeded by his son, Enzo, who followed in his professional paw prints until 2004, meaning Eddie was actually a different dog—from a different generation— for four whole years. Eddie lie #2.

But the most egregious Eddie lie of all is #3. On the show, Eddie and his human Martin—played by John Mahoney—had an extremely kindred connection. It was almost otherworldly how the two could communicate without words. Martin treated Eddie as a third son; their bond seemed unbreakable and honest.

But according to Grammer, Moose would bite John Mahoney every time he sat on his lap. “Mahoney hated him,” Grammer told TV Guide. Yep, the allegedly “sweet” Jack Russell terrier whom we have all held in our hearts as an adorable and loving companion was actually a bite-happy tyrant who terrorized his so-called best friend.

Their relationship was a façade; Eddie was a bully; and unconditional love does not exist.


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