There’s An Emerald Green Cat Running Around the Streets

There’s An Emerald Green Cat Running Around the Streets

Nope, that's not Photoshop.

By Brienne Walsh

Cats can be black. Cats can be white. Cats can be grey. And cats can be…green?

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In Bulgaria, they can be. There’s an emerald green stray that’s been wandering around the seaside town of Varna since 2014.

No, cats in Bulgaria have not evolved to grow green fur naturally. (We wish!) And the cat is not an alien—as far as we know. And sightings of the cat are not brought on by the presence of magic mushrooms in the water in Varna, which cause mass hallucinations of jewel-toned felines. 

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As it turns out, the cat is green because she was curling up to sleep in an old paint barrel left at a construction site. Before they found her catnap spot, locals and tourists alike were concerned that she was being abused. Then once it was determined that she was unwittingly dying herself, activists became concerned that the dye might be toxic. But given the kitty’s overall good health—and her willingness to emerge for treats—it was determined that the dye was, in fact, safe (if someone inconvenient for the kitty, who likely had no idea that her green coat has made her into a tourist attraction).


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For this very reason, an animal rescue team recently banded together to clean her. People were worried that her presence might make her a target for kidnapping. They were also concerned that she might inspire others to dye their own cats—which is not safe, so please don't even think about it.

Today, the emerald green cat of Varna is only green around her ears, and in a patch on her chest. She has otherwise returned to her normal hue of white and orange, and her lack of pigment has granted her a fresh life of obscurity. Although we’re sure she still comes out for treats—wouldn’t you?

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