Jimmy Kimmel's Diet Is Kind of the Worst (And He Knows It)

Jimmy Kimmel's Diet Is Kind of the Worst (And He Knows It)

The late-night host reveals all about his unusual eating habits.

By Jocelyn Vena

You'd think that with a schedule as busy as Jimmy Kimmel's (which includes a recently wrapped stint hosting the Emmy Awards, his late-night talk show, and, of course, his ongoing feud with Matt Damon), he'd be looking to fuel up to keep his energy level up. But, the comedian instead chooses to not eat. In fact, he revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that was actually how he slimmed down.

"I starve, number one. And really that's number one — and one through 10," he said.

And when the reporter wanted to confirm he really meant just that, he added, "I do. I don't eat two days a week. And people are fascinated by it but it works. If you cut two days of food out of your life you will lose weight... That's what it's called, The Worst Diet Ever. TWDE."

He admits that it isn't easy to do, especially because he really does love to dine, which may explain why when he does eat out, he's meticulous about how he makes his choices. And he's notorious among friends for sending out extra-long emails detailing his food recommendations in a given city.

"I have a motto that my wife and I have that's called 'no meal wasted.' And so especially when we travel we want to make sure we look ahead and figure out where the good places to go are," he said. "And also, I like to send an email like that, because I want these places to stay open and be rewarded for their excellence. I think that in a lot of places the reason they don't have good food is because they don't demand it and they don't support it when it exists. And so I love it, and I love cooking, I like talking about cooking, I love chefs and a lot of my friends are chefs, and I just like that kind of culture and lifestyle."

As for his non-eating days, he's pretty strict about them:

"Monday and Thursday are my non-eating days," he tells THR. And yet, he's not all that strict.

"I did eat today [Monday]. (Laughs.) Sometimes I get hungry. (Laughs.)"

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