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Mario Batali Serves Anchovy Gelato to Jimmy Fallon and Celeb Guests, and the Results Are Pretty Gross

It’s the latest edition of The Tonight Show's Secret Ingredient Game.

By Drew DiSabatino

Jimmy Fallon loves a lot of things. He loves karaoke. He loves doing impressions. He loves to laugh. (And not in a generic “It says ‘I love to laugh’ in my dating profile” kind of way, but in like a “he literally laughs at everything, all the time” kind of way).

But one thing he seems to love more than just about anything—even laughing—is playing games with his Tonight Show guests. And last week he brought back what is possibly our favorite game in his repertoire: Secret Ingredient. It’s a game (in a loose sense—it could also be classified as a punishment) that sees Fallon and his celebrity guests served a three-course meal where each dish contains a mysterious, and almost unilaterally disgusting, ingredient that contestants must try and identify.

In addition to a mustachioed Fallon, this week’s (not-so-)lucky contestants included Ashton Kutcher, Liam Payne, and Vanessa Hudgens. To add even more star power to the lineup, the hosting duties, usually carried out by Fallon’s point man Steve Higgins, fell to Mario Batali, who stepped smoothly into Higgins' shoes (though only metaphorically—the chef is never caught without his signature orange Crocs.)

Contestants almost made it through the first bite of their first dish before the spit buckets came flying out from under the table—though admittedly that seems like the only reaction after eating a Jagermeister dumpling.

From there things only got worse.

By and large Kutcher seemed to have the most trouble identifying the ingredients, though he somehow managed to pull out a win by correctly identifying the anchovies lacing a disgusting-sounding gelato dish. Hudgens came close on several guesses, picking Doritos instead of Fritos, and Liam kind of held his own as well (spelling issues and the simple but effective “That Nasty” notwithstanding).

Check out the whole video below to enjoy all the gross-y goodness of the game, and just be glad Batali doesn’t plan on adding Frito-crusted cheesecake to his next restaurant. (We hope.)

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