Most People Are Completely Lying About Their Number Of Sexual Partners, What's The Deal?

Most People Are Completely Lying About Their Number Of Sexual Partners, What's The Deal?

How many? Ten. I mean six. Five. Definitely five. 

By Marianne Garvey

I don’t remember…uh, ten?

When surveyed about how many sexual partners they’ve had, most grown adults lie about their “number.”

While some would be honest, many asked said they’d “lie about their number to make it seem smaller” than reality. Most “undersell” their number at 10 sexual partners. Men with an average of 16 partners admitted they would lie, and undersell if forced to reveal their number.

“The lowest number of partners a person could have and still be considered desirable fluctuated between one and two, with men of all ages accepting one partner,” said the survey. “Our research found women in their 30s, 50s and 60s had higher ideal numbers than men, preferring partners who have had at least five sexual partners.”

The cut-off point for the number of sexual partners still considered respectable differed for men and women. Women in their 20s were more forgiving of a partner who had a lot of sexual partners.

“Experts can at least agree the ‘number’ is just that – a number. Putting too much emphasis on it may spell doom for the level of comfort you have around other sexual conversations,” says the study. “There are a number of conversations about sex that help make a healthy relationship even stronger. One, of course, involves the conversation of sexually transmitted infections. While this doesn’t necessarily mean needing to divulge your ‘number,’ it does mean being honest about keeping up with your history and your sexual well-being.”

While men were more vocal about their sexual exploits, many women believed their number was too high.

“Research has found women are more likely to report lower numbers of sexual partners, while men often report higher, but when connected to what they believed might be a lie detector test, those numbers shifted closer to each other. Women are also more likely to report feeling ashamed by their sexual history when in reality, the physical and emotional perks of sex can benefit everyone,” reports the survey.

The study found at least 30 percent of people across all ages were satisfied with their sex life.

“More than one in four people in their 60s reported feeling very satisfied with their sex life – more than any other age group. With 10 being the median number of partners of those in their 60s, maybe more really is better,” said the survey.

As for lying…up?

“Only one percent of women and four percent of men would lie to make their number higher,” the survey said.

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