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No-Heat Hairstyle Ideas Made for 100 Degree Days

Whimsical braids, a "party" bun, and couldn't-be-easier waves.

By Adele Chapin
After Show: NeNe on her ‘Noodle’ Hairstyle

During an extreme heatwave, the last thing you want to do is touch a blow dryer. But putting your hair in yet another ponytail gets old. Here are three ideas from professional hair stylists that offer a bit of finesse but no heat at all—the perfect thing for keeping you feeling and looking cool this summer.

1. Boho Braids

The Olsen twins

A post shared by @glitterymoonflower on

Anya Anderson at Priv

"A crown braid is like a Dutch braid: It's the braid that wraps around your entire head. Do it when it's wet, and when you take out your hair the next day, you have these amazing curls and everything is very even. If you have thicker or coarser hair, I would probably find something more moisturizing, like a serum. But if you have finer hair, choose something like a mousse, or like a soft gel. Something that would give it some hold.

Towel dry, and put the product in. I always like to comb the product through the hair. That way you can evenly distribute it throughout. Then, start braiding! Start a braid in the back and work it all away around the top of the head.

Or, you could part your hair in the middle, braid two pieces in the front, and connect them in the back. It's kind of like a halo. Do a couple random braids throughout and then use a a beach spray to give you that textured, tousled look. It's a bohemian, natural, undone style. You can Bobby pin them or you can use rubber bands. I use rubber bands." Psst: Want to get to get boho braids from Anya without the DIY? You can PRIV Anya in Los Angeles!

2. Curls or Waves Without a Curling Iron

Ready, set.. Weekend! 😍 cc: @ashleynii styled by DD

A post shared by DREAMDRY (@dreamdry) on

Bricel Cury, Assistant Manager at DreamDry Flatiron 

”No one wants to style their hair with hot tools in the summer. So, my number-one beauty secret is to create curls or waves without them! The night before, wash and condition your hair but leave a little of your conditioner in. Towel dry just your ends. If you want curls, apply any medium-hold mousse throughout your hair and start creating loose three strand braids. If you’re looking for tight curls, create smaller sections. If you want bigger curls, create bigger sections.

When you release your hair the next day, you will be left with beautiful curls. If you’re looking for waves, follow the same first step but instead of a mousse, apply a beach spray. My favorite is Spray A'Porter by Kérastase. Then, section your hair in four and create four, three-strand braids. Sleep and release the next day. You can add some dry texturizing spray to shake out your waves and create any additional texture as needed."

3. The Party-Ready Bun

AJ Lordet at Pierre Michel Salon in NYC

"Start with wet hair—towel dry, but start the bun before the hair starts to air-dry to avoid fly aways. Use a Mason Pearson-type brush and two elastics. 

Spend time brushing the wet hair to a smooth ponytail in the spot the bun will sit. A fun party-club-dancing-trendy bun can sit higher on the head. A more serious garden-party bun sits lower in the back of your head.  

Take the ponytail and lightly twist it around the pony elastic until the ends of the hair are turned in. Wrap the second elastic on top. Let the ends pop out of the bun and position them or tuck them in with a hair pin. You can leave some conditioner in your hair for a little treatment." 

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