5 NYC Foods That Are Totally Worth Waiting in Line For, According to Top Food Instagrammers

5 NYC Foods That Are Totally Worth Waiting in Line For, According to Top Food Instagrammers

Insta-famous influencers love their pizza, apparently.

It’s no secret that social media has changed the way diners research restaurants, and (literally) look at food. Beyond taking thousands of beautiful photos—and making a career out of it—the way that food Instagrammers experience restaurants is vastly different from the general public.

Case in point: Beyond not having to foot the bill, they almost never wait for a table or book their own reservations—that’s handled by the venue. And when it comes to waiting in line for something to eat? No way. Forget about it. When your job is to bounce around town enjoying all of the best and tastiest dishes, any extended period not spent devouring delicious plates, and posting photos of those foods, is time wasted.

With that said, we asked five New York City area-based food Instagrammers to share the one dish in town that actually makes the wait worth it. Take it from the people who have every fork, knife, and new restaurant at their fingertips.

1. Katz’s Deli Corned Beef Sandwich

“I would almost always say 'no food is worth waiting for in New York City,' but one of the few exceptions is Katz’s Deli. There is a reason they have been around for over 100 years, and it all has to do with their giant drool-worthy deli sandwiches. I don’t care how long it takes. I will gladly stand on line for one of their corned beef sandwiches on rye with mustard. And since I’ve waited that long anyway, a side order of fries is a must.” – Jeremey Jacobowitz, @BrunchBoys (more than 405k followers)

2. Roberta's Pizza

Feed me pizza🍕. @themeadowsnyc @infatuation @robertaspizza

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“There really are no shortcuts when it comes to dining at this Bushwick hotspot, and I'm okay with that. It's almost like waiting in line makes me want the flavorful wood-fire pizza even more. It's not on a busy street—it's actually pretty deep in Bushwick, which is surprising. You'd think that somewhere so off the beaten path wouldn't be so crowded…but it is. The line doesn't wrap around the block, but on a weekend, you might have to wait 2-plus hours for a table. Their pizza is ridiculously flavorful and perfectly seasoned. I love going there after a long week—a treat to myself for working hard. Also, their salads are unreal. One night my roommate and I waited an hour for bar seats and ordered the Pink Lady Apple Salad. Our minds were blown—so flavorful.” – Alexandra Machover, @alexandramachover (more than 16k followers)

3. Prince Street Pizza

“The one food I would wait in line for, and have waited in line for, is Prince Street Pizza—specifically, the square slice with pepperoni. I'll admit that the few times I waited for it, I was pretty drunk. I usually have little to no patience for lines, which is why I'm fortunate to be in this business. VIP treatment for pizza never hurts. That said, no one knows who the hell I am at PSP, and they don't need to. They're basically famous in New York City, and you can see all the autographed photos of celebs on the walls. They're not always super busy, but on Thursday through Saturday nights around 12 or 1 a.m., there will probably be a line. Drunk people love pizza. Even when you're sober it's amazing. I tried it for the first time only just last year, soberly, and since then I've had it almost every time I'm in the area. It's so worth it. The place is tiny, so it's really for takeout, but you can stand inside and go to town at the counter too. When you're waiting in line, that feeling of knowing you're going to be eating that slice soon is like the same feeling you get while walking down the aisle, knowing you're marrying the one you love.” – Dara Pollak, @skinnypignyc (more than 78k followers)

4. Di Fara Pizza

Made it to @difarapizza_nyc today! The classic square slice was my favorite. See more on #InstagramStories 🍕🍕 #EATINGNYC

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“It's a classic New York establishment with great history and has been around long before Instagram. The line can be hours! It's best go to at the beginning of the day before it opens, preferably around 11:30 a.m. The line consists of tourists, regulars, and true New Yorkers. Honestly, no food is worth the wait, but the satisfaction of checking off Di Fara on my ‘to-eat-list’—that's been there for years—is priceless. Waiting in line is exciting, especially if you're with a good crew. You can sit down in Di Fara if there's a table, though I imagine lots of people get their pizza to go and have it on the street. The chef is over 80 years old and has been making the pizza for over 50 years. He is the only person allowed to make the pizza. Nuts!” – Alexa Mehraban, @eatingnyc (more than 275k followers)

5. Spot Dessert Bar Cookie Camp

“The Cookie Camp: the marshmallow chocolate chip pretzel cookie brought out to you in a hot skillet and is topped with milk ice cream and hot chocolate sauce that you pour on yourself. During the nights, Spot Dessert Bar is usually packed, but the best part is that Spot is always open late. I would say the line is a 15 to 30 minute wait. The line is both inside and outside the venue. The crowds are usually filled with family or groups of friends that are from the ages of 10 to 40. This food is worth the wait because it is both savory and sweet, and it is really hard to find a dish that offers a perfect balance of both. The cold milk ice cream taste and feeling against the warm soft cookie in your mouth is the definition of a foodgasm. When I am eating it, I am in a different world. I do not look up or talk to anyone. I sometimes close my eyes with every bite just to cherish it, and then after I am done, I genuinely feel sad when the moment is over because of how good the dish is.” – Gissele Alzate, @feedyoursoull (more than 352k followers)

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