Oprah Dishes About One of the Best Diet Dinners She's Had (Hint: There Was Lots of Wine)

Oprah Dishes About One of the Best Diet Dinners She's Had (Hint: There Was Lots of Wine)

We're taking notes.

By The Feast Staff

Oprah Winfrey has spoken publicly over the years about her struggles with weight loss, and now that she's found a diet that works for her, she's sharing some of her favorite pound-shedding meals—including one dinner that was made up of mostly of wine.

Granted, the Weight Watchers diet Winfrey is following—shared in an exclusive with People today—is no joke: She consumes only 30 "points" per day, a formula that the program came up with based mostly on her body type and goals. Like all subscribers to the program (she's also a shareholder in the company), she has to pay attention to exactly how many points she takes in at every meal and snack. But as rigorous as the plan is, Winfrey still gets to eat egg and avocado on toast for breakfast, potato chips for a snack, and decadent-tasting miso-glazed cod for dinner.

As she reveals to People, one meal was particularly memorable: "'Listen, I have had 12 points of wine [three glasses] and one shrimp [plus vegetables] for dinner. That was a really good dinner,' she says, laughing."

Three parts wine to one part food? Sounds like a ratio we can get down with.

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