Somehow Paula Deen Is Actually Coming Back to TV, With a New Food Show Launching Soon

Somehow Paula Deen Is Actually Coming Back to TV, With a New Food Show Launching Soon

We'll need lots and lots of buttery desserts to get through this one.

By Drew DiSabatino

Hold on to your cholesterol medicine: celebrity chef Paula Deen is returning to TV.

Really. Like, for real.

The Southern chef’s new TV show, Positively Paula, will “take place in her Savannah home and will feature her friends, family and surprise guests,” as Delish reports. It begins airing on local channels around the country on October 15.

In case your memory is foggy, Deen is best known for a style of cooking that relies mainly and heavily on butter and cream, and more notably, for being booted from her Food Network show in 2013 after admitting that she had used racial slurs in the workplace.

If you remember the ensuing s****storm after that revelation, as well as the the attempt by all of her sponsors to get as far away from her as fast as possible, you probably also remember thinking “man, no way she’s ever going to have her own show again.”

But it’s a strange, strange world we live in. One where apparently half a million people are totally supportive of Deen’s actions and see no cause for concern. One where we all just kind of forgot that just last year, she tweeted that bizarre photo of her son in brownface. And one where someone looked around at 2016 and thought, “Hey race relations in America are going so well right now” and decided we needed Paula back on our screens.

Lord help us, y’all. 

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