Meet The Real Shelter Dogs of Washington!

Meet The Real Shelter Dogs of Washington!

More exciting than an all-dog cast of Frasier!

By Stacy Lenz

Seattle is the birthplace of Amazon—that massive e-retailer from which we buy pretty much everything in the world. But today, we're bringing you something Amazon cannot: DOGS. (Well, at least for now. Wait three years and we're sure we'll be covering Amazon’s new drone-operated puppy delivery service and we won’t even be mad about it.)

Anyway, our dogs today come to us from Emerald City Pet Rescue located in Seattle, Washington. It is a no-kill rescue dedicated to rescuing pups from high-kill shelters and then matching them with a perfectly compatible owner. While waiting to find their forever home, these lucky pups even get to spend their days frolicking around in a playroom setting.

And now meet your Real Shelter Dogs, complete with opening-credits worthy taglines!


“My smile is so contagious, someone should call the CDC, Center for Dog Cuteness.” – Zephyr

Zephyr is a lovely, little 3-year-old pittie mix who recently had a litter of puppies and can’t wait to live the bachelorette life with a very special human. She loves to share kisses, cuddles, treats, and snuggles with people. She is filled to the brim (and then some!) with loyalty, liveliness, laughs, and loads of joy.


When life throws rocks, I just play fetch.” – Lucille

Lucille is as smart as she is athletic. This 4-year-old border collie mix is an adventurer that loves to run, hike, and explore. Lucille knows how to sit and lay down, but is eager to learn more. She would be an all-star at dog agility!


My name may be Flame, but everything I touch melts into gold.” – Flame

Flame is a special 9-year-old cattle dog/shepherd mix who is looking for a quiet home where she can give kisses and snuggle on a large, comfy dog bed. She is an easy-going girl that enjoys short walks and likes to end the day cuddling up to her humans.


“When life hands me obstacles, I just roll with it.” – Chewey

Chewey is an adorable Dachshund/Chihuahua mix who experienced a back injury earlier in his life that left him paralyzed in his hind legs. Since then, he joined ECPR and received his own customized wheelchair. His adventurous spirit, resilience, and happy-go-lucky personality have made him a staff favorite!


 “Life isn’t just a walk in the park, but it should be! Holla!– Thelma

Thelma is a 4-year-old Shepherd mix rescue from the streets in Thailand. She made her journey to Seattle, WA to find a forever home where she can romp around and be a carefree dog with a loving family. Thelma enjoys long walks, trips to the park, going for runs, and spending time with other friendly dogs.


“Come between this pupper and his rope toy, and it means war—tug of war.” – Henry

Henry is a handsome boy with a sparkling personality to match. This 1-year-old border collie mix made his way to Seattle from Southern California and has been putting smiles on everyone's faces along the way. He is an active, intelligent boy with lots of playful energy to burn. He loves to show off his amazing tugging skills and how good he is at sitting on command!


Please visit or the links in each profile to learn more about this organization or to adopt one of these precious puppers!

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