Introducing the Real Shelter Dogs of Washington, D.C.!

Introducing the Real Shelter Dogs of Washington, D.C.!

Call it D.C., call it Potomac, call it whatever—just don’t forget to call in some cute dogs!

By Stacy Lenz

The pups at City Dogs Rescue & City Kitties are ready for their happily ever after! The dogs from this D.C.-area rescue have all been saved from high-kill shelters and they're currently being fostered and awaiting their forever homes.

This non-profit organization is made up of a network of volunteers who house and care for your soon-to-be-new-best-friends. And just as The Real Housewives of Potomac know that there’s nothing like a good philanthropic event, City Dogs Rescue & City Kitties is hosting an online auction through May 22 to raise funds for future animal rescues and the accompanying medical care. Unlike the Housewives, you don’t need a fancy ball gown to visit this online auction, but, hey, who are we to tell you how to dress in front of your computer in your own home?

And now meet your shelter dogs, complete with opening credits-worthy taglines! (Just picture these pups swaying in front of a glittery backdrop for the full effect.)


“If you’re going to talk about me behind my back, at least talk about my happy, wagging tail.” - Penny

Penny has a bright, affectionate personality. She has a fun, goofy spirit, and is sure to make you laugh. Her favorite snack is cheese!


“I may look like a jetsetter, but my paws are firmly on the ground.” – Rico

Rico is a puppy with lots of energy for playing and exploring the world. He's loving and enjoys snuggling when he's all tuckered out.


“I’m about to give you life, so give me a tennis ball!” - Baloo

Baloo is a smart, inquisitive dog. He's deaf, however he understands basic commands through sign language! Baloo is very social and loves other dogs—and tennis balls!


“Word on the sidewalk is...I’m the word on the sidewalk.” - Loretta

Loretta is playful and social, and she loves to meet other dogs on her walks. She is calm and easygoing when at home with family.


“You may say I’ve been around the block a few times, but that’s just ‘cause I love walks!” – Noda

Noda is a loving, senior dog who is looking for a home to settle down and enjoy the rest of her life. She loves being pet, snuggled, and going for walks. Noda will be having surgery to remove a tumor soon.


“Everybody loves a comeback story, especially starring me, a cute dog.” - Cisco

Cisco is a loyal, curious dog who loves watching outdoor activity from the window. He is battling heartworms, but he is a strong dog and will be cured soon!


Please visit the link featured in each profile or City Dogs Rescue & City Kitties for a complete list of these lovable pooches and more furry friends up for adoption and fostering!

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