Tried Spray-Tan Tea Yet? 5 Bizarre New Products That Will Change the Way You Think About Tea

Tried Spray-Tan Tea Yet? 5 Bizarre New Products That Will Change the Way You Think About Tea

Fancy a spot of tea?

By Marcy de Luna

Ah, tea: Warm, comforting, familiar. Except when it's not. Lately, the classic drink is taking some bizarre new forms, as companies introduce everything from spray-on tea to wine tea. Here, five new tea products that are catching our eye.

Spray-Tan Tea

Spray your tea right into your cup as easily as you spray-on your tan. Just add hot water to No More Tea Bags aerosol tea concentrate, controlling the strength by how much you dispense, for a tea experience that turns the comfy old tradition on its head. Photo courtesy of yumchaicedtea/Instagram.

Wine Tea

Torn between a cup of tea and a glass of wine? Why not have both? Granted, The Republic of Tea's line of wine-inspired tea flavors aren't quite like downing a glass of actual wine, but at least they mimic the flavor a little, thanks to the freshly harvested wine grape skins in the teas. Photo courtesy of The Republic of Tea/Facebook.

Beauty Tea

Have your tea and wear it too. Canadian company David’s Tea has introduced a line of beauty goods called David's Tea Beauty Products, including candy cane crush tea-infused lip butter and cherry blossom tea-infused hand cream. Unfortunately, as tempting as these may sound, they're decidedly not ediblePhoto courtesy of davidstea/Instagram.

Bacon Tea

Southern Boy Teas has done the inevitable: They've created bacon tea—because now that bacon is in everything from desserts to cocktails to household products, why shouldn't it be in your cup of tea too? See how that works out for you, with the company's new maple bacon iced tea bags. Photo courtesy of Southern Boys Teas/Twitter.

Tea Appletini

Tealish's Appletini isn't anything like a martini: For one thing, it involves no alcohol whatsoever. Still, if you love the flavors in an appletini, you might like this tea, featuring notes of green apple, calendula and lemon. Photo courtesy of Tealish/Instagram.

Tea Mixers

Tea as a cocktail mixer? Yes indeed. With the artisan teas from The Owl’s Brew, you can mix and match flavors like Salted Caramel Toddy (made with white tea, black tea, sea salt and caramel) or Grapefruit Collins (made with lemon verbena, pepper and grapefruit) and combine them with vodka, tequila, rum, whiskey, gin or whatever spirit you want. Or just drink them straight-up, if you're so inclined. Photo courtesy of The Owl’s Brew/Facebook.

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