The Blue Latte Is Here and People Are Losing Their Minds

The Blue Latte Is Here and People Are Losing Their Minds

Want to smurf up one of these lattes? Here's where to find them.

By The Feast Staff

This is shaping up to be a pretty psychedelic summer for latte lovers. The latest entry in the Technicolor latte wars? The blue latte—and before you scoff "food coloring!", listen up: It's all-natural. Yes, a latte in an electrifying shade of blue now exists in the world, and it actually sounds healthy despite the fact that it's officially called the Smurf Latte.

Photo via hhmxxm_cc/Instagram.

Add this one to the yellow turmeric latte that sparked a craze earlier in the season, and to the red beet latte, the carrot cake latte, and the apple pie latte. Oh wait, those last three were from the same cafe. No, this place is not in San Francisco, Portland or NYC. It's in Melbourne, at the Matcha Mylkbar cafe.

So, what's in the blue beverage? Lemon, ginger agave, coconut and "E3 live blue algae," as co-owner Nic Davidson told Buzzfeed. He explained that the drink's main flavor notes are lemon and ginger, and that it has a sweet taste. Where's the caffeine? Nowhere. Remember, "latte" doesn't mean "coffee drink" anymore. The chai latte took care of that ages ago.

But in case it's any consolation, the cafe's Facebook page calles blue algae "the most nutrient-dense food in the whole world, according to some." That's a stretch, but it's true that certain sources do consider blue-green algae one of the foods with the most nutrients.

We'd still rather have caffeine lattes, thanks. According to some sources, caffeine isn't too shabby for you either—even if it's just a boring shade of brown. 

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