The Number One Reason Men Cheat Will Absolutely Make You Mental

The Number One Reason Men Cheat Will Absolutely Make You Mental

No, really, they can be infuriating. 

By Marianne Garvey

People look so much into cheating, what happened, and what they could have done differently, when it really may boil down to one thing—he cheated because she was hot. Yup, that's all. She looked good.

We know, it’s awful. But it turns out that if you’re with a guy who cheated, it may not have been boredom or a deep emotional issue, but just that the lady was a 10 and he couldn’t resist.

According to Superdrug’s Online Doctor, the number one reason men stray is because the woman was “hot.” They study asked 2,000 men who cheated why they couldn’t resist.

“American men also frequently said they were being hit on and could cheat, so they did – an answer that perhaps lends credence to studies indicating women have more self-control than men,” reported the study.

Most European and American men and women said they cheated only once (between 60 and 68 percent), while a little less than half (32 percent to 40 percent) admitted to more regular affairs. The most likely groups to repeatedly cheat? European men and American women.

For most, sexting, online flirting, or a single passionate kiss fall under the category of cheating.

For women, the most common reason for cheating was a negligent partner, and they needed someone to be there for them.

For both sexes, they most commonly cheated with someone they knew as a friend or a coworker. Many others went on cheating apps to find a lover.

More than half the cheaters felt guilty about cheating, with 71 percent of men saying they would “take it back” if they could. Over 56 percent of the men asked and said they were never busted—and never planned to tell. For men, 22 percent were caught by their partner.

Rounding out the reasons why men stray was that the guy cheated because the mistress was more emotionally available, their partner isn’t providing enough sex, and boredom.

The survey concludes: “The chance of infidelity increases as much as 25 percent over the course of a relationship. And up to 60 percent of people will cheat at some point during their marriage.”


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