These Celebrity Divas Give Mariah Carey A Run For Her Money

These Celebrity Divas Give Mariah Carey A Run For Her Money

Where are my white roses?

By Delaina Dixon
After Show: The O.C.'s Biggest Diva

Mariah Carey’s behavior on the set of her latest project may seem shocking, but she’s not alone when it comes to being a celebrity diva. These ladies (and gentlemen!) have turned it into an art form.

Here are 10 more of the biggest celebrity divas and their meltdown monents:

Jennifer Lopez

She says she’s still Jenny From The Block, but that must have been a block from another century! Back in 2015, Howie Mandel, who lives a few door downs from the actress/singer/producer, revealed on the podcast Allegedly with Theo Von & Matthew Cole Weiss, “I walk out one day and go to the bottom of the driveway and my cul-de-sac is filled with knights in shining armor on horses.” Apparently, J.Lo was hosting a party, and had ordered Medieval Times to perform at her house. “They have jousting sticks,” Howie exclaimed in the interview, adding, “There’s so much horse sh*&.” But the worse part? The comedian wasn’t even invited!


How can you stick to just one bout of diva behavior from the Material Girl herself? From reserving a seat on a private jet – for her anti-aging machine to demanding white and pink roses that must have the stems cut to six inches in her dressing rooms, Madonna has pretty much done it all. But it was her weeklong stint on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2015 that was really out of control. According to reports, Madonna demanded creative control and approval on every piece of footage shot. She also needed her own set of trailers filled with expensive health food and demanded that the studio pay for her personal make-up and hair people as she would not use the ones provided by the show.

Kylie Jenner

She’s not even 20, but Kylie’s mastered the art of the diva demand, as revealed by her two assistants back in 2016. The gals revealed how Kylie will demand something to be done, and then forget she asked for it. They also shared how her drinks must be at a certain temperature, and if you touch her straw incorrectly, there will be hell to pay. Taking a page from Madonna’s playbook, Kylie also made some outlandish demands when appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, including a request for two VIP parking spots, because she did not want to walk from the parking structure to the studio – less than a block away.

Kris Jenner

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Kris Jenner – Kylie’s mom – can’t even keep an assistant because they all learn she’s a “monster boss,” according to one report. That includes bouts of intimidation and working around the clock for the momager 24/7. Not to mention you’ll be basically assisting the entire Kardashian clan since Kris has her nose in all her children’s business.

Steve Harvey 

Ok, we know he’s a dude. But a certain email that circulated earlier this year definitely earned him his Diva status. He sent a message to his talk show staff that started with “Good morning everyone, and please don’t look at me much less speak to me.” It went on to list all the ways his staff should not talk, address, disturb or bother him throughout the day. Once the email went viral, Steve addressed the situation stating that he had had an open-door policy, and it had been abused, so he was just trying to reinstate his privacy. “In hindsight, I probably should've handled it a little bit differently,” he admitted on ET.

Salma Hayek

Here’s one you may have not expected. But back in 2009, the actress had a meltdown at L.A. famed hotel Chateau Marmont. According to reports, Salma arrived without a reservation, and the hostess, not recognizing her great… assets, told her there were no tables available without a reservation. Salma then started screaming obscenities in Spanish at the hostess until her friends dragged her away.

Katy Perry


There’s been reports that this pop princess has banned carnations from her dressing rooms, and requests egg-shaped chairs, a “Perspex modern-style” coffee table, two “French-ornate-style” lamps and a glass door refrigerator to fill the space. And don’t make conversation while you are Driving Miss Katy – allegedly she forbids chauffeurs from speaking or looking at her. Katy’s so chill about her Diva status, she’s currently in a commercial with her micro teacup poodle Nugget where she admits she will be ignoring her assistant to play with her prized pooch.

Naomi Campbell

The notorious model earned a jail record, when she threw a phone at a maid back in 2006. And time didn’t mellow her out. As a mentor on the show The Face in 2014, Naomi’s Diva demands made headlines in the New York Daily News, including how she taped her face back to make her look younger, only did her own makeup and wouldn’t allow anyone to speak to her until she said hello first.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s 2015 artRave tour was aptly titled, because her tour rider demands were a piece of work! Gaga asked that in each hotel she stayed in there needed to be a separate room just for her wardrobe, and that “The room must be completely emptied of all furniture, beds, tables, desks… anything not permanently attached to the walls or floor to be removed,” according to TMZ. Her team also did a sweep of every room to make sure there were no security threats – to her outfits.

Aretha Franklin

Miss Aretha released an album called Aretha Franklin Sings the Great Diva Classics, and backed it up with on-air behavior during a series of interviews back in 2014. Hosts from several morning shows tried in earnest to engage the Queen of Soul, only to receive "mhm" or "yes, I can hear you" answers. And when one producer decided it would be a good idea to play Miss Aretha’s music while she was talking, she let them have it. And please, don’t bother Miss Aretha with lengthy, ridiculous questions. Not only did she make the dumbfounded reporter repeat it, she then told her how stupid the question really was.

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