This Orlando Vacation Rental Is Basically Your Own Private Theme Park

This Orlando Vacation Rental Is Basically Your Own Private Theme Park

Sweet dreams do come true.

By Jenny Berg

Who hasn’t been swimming in a giant ice-cream cone? Right. We haven’t either. Make that particular dream — and many, many others — come true by booking a stay at the outrageous Orlando property known as “The Sweet Escape.”

This is the type of place to book if you’re traveling with an entourage. A large entourage. (Family Disneyworld Reunion, 2016?)  Set on five, gated acres, the estate has 10 bedrooms and sleeps 52. Just a friendly heads up: It only has five and a half baths, but there are some extra perks that make up for waiting in line to shower.

To start with, the aforementioned pool is indeed shaped like an ice cream cone. A bright red hot tub, perched at the end of the pool, looks like the cherry on top — and a waterslide juts out of a mountain of faux whipped cream and sprinkles. Don’t worry: there’s plenty of “chocolate sauce” on the side, too, with a fountain trickling out of a giant Hershey’s syrup bottle. But the 30,000-gallon treat is just one piece of the wacky, whimsical entertainment this place offers.

Ready for this? The private estate also has: an outdoor movie theater, a waterpark, a karaoke club, laser tag, a ball pit, standup video games, and indoor carnival games.

And, what would a “sweet escape” be without a human Candyland board? Nothing, so naturally this place has one.

The vacation rental has a minimum stay of one to three nights, and tends to go for around $1,100 each night.

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