This Podcast Will Make You Feel Better - And Even Laugh About - Your Broken Heart

This Podcast Will Make You Feel Better - And Even Laugh About - Your Broken Heart

When a comedy duo play "breakup doctors" for guests, hilarity ensues. 

By Marianne Garvey
Would You Spend a Night With Your Ex?

So You’re Going Through A Breakup is a completely improvised comedy podcast, where two comedians play fake "breakup doctors," and improvise stories of our guests' fake breakups with them—but the guests know how to improv it because we’ve all been through it.

“Breakups are rich for the plucking…Everyone thinks their situation is so singular, it’s so dramatic and it’s actually so commonplace,” says co-host and comedian Timothy Dunn. “People think it’s such a unique experience to them, but it’s not.”

Timothy and his co-host Caitlin Bitzegaio were struck with the idea of a breakup podcast when around the same time, it seemed all the couples around them were breaking up. (Caitlin is married to her high school sweetheart, Timothy is still looking for love.)

“I was nursing all my friends through the emotions and the process that follows a breakup and it became repetitive and got so comical,” Timothy says. “We’re such narcissists that we think we’re unique little flowers, but a breakup is the most common experience for us all.”

He sat with Caitlin, 34, to draw up a breakup timeline, and the duo realized most relationships have the same markers—how you met, a funny first date story, the moment you knew things were getting serious, the minute it got rocky, the minute you knew it was over, then the break up.”

So they just follow that formula when asking guests their improv questions.

“The conceit is that we are therapists and that we have been seeing them throughout the relationship,” he says. “It’s like, ‘So you met on a ferris wheel, tell us about that. What about that gift you gave them when you broke up?’ And they have to improvise. Then we recap the whole breakup story and it’s absurd. Breakups are absurd.”

Timothy, 36, says the podcast is fun to do, because it puts breakups in a not-so-awful state of mind.

“The greatest fear everyone has is being alone. That’s why breakups feel like you’re on the precipice of nothing forever,” he laughs. “We’re just saying truths that people already know and understand.”

And while he plays a breakup doctor for entertainment, Timothy is single and a “total drama queen.”

“I’m also gay, even though on my podcast I’m straight,” he says. “Gay dating in New York is dating in the tenth ring of hell. The problem with New York and dating in general is that people are always dating a lot of people, so it’s a lot of ghosting and a lot of soft fades.”

He recently had a dramatic breakup of his own, when he broke up with a boyfriend of nine months and the guy just couldn’t wrap his head around the fact that it was over.

“He fell in love really quickly and I did not, the sex was bananas, but you can’t make lightning strike,” Timothy says. “This was two years ago… I had to break up with him eight or nine times. I came home one time and he was banging on my door and he tried to kiss me…I just saw him a week ago and he wanted to take a cab home together. I was like, ‘What is happening here?’ It’s over.”

As a bonus, the comedy duo also happen to be Housewives obsessed, and start each podcast with a fake ad of one of the ladies promoting something absurd. They are currently pitching their show to SiriusXM satellite radio. It’s available on iTunes now.

“We do 50 in a year,” Timothy says. “We just react honestly and be in the moment.”

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