Toast the Dog Dishes on the Bravo Pups' Inner Circle

Toast the Dog Dishes on the Bravo Pups' Inner Circle

Bringing you hot goss straight from the NYC canine scene.

By ToastMeetsWorld

complete with custom Marchesa gown), but she also gets to rub paws with the pooches of Bravo. Here, she shares the scoop on Lisa Vanderpump’sGiggy and Harrison, Bethenny Frankel’s Cookie (she’s “not down to chill”) and Andy Cohen’s Wacha. Plus, she dishes on her dream Bravo dog BFFs:

Kyle Richards' dog, Storm

I was thrilled to hear that Kyle Richards chose to adopt her latest addition, Storm, from Saving SPOT! Dog Rescue in Los Angeles. Storm is going to be a big giant brut and when she is older I would love to use her in a photo shoot. I'm thinking a saddle on her and a cowboy hat on me. Yeehaw!

Patricia Altschul

Patricia Altschul is a woman I would love to double kiss on the cheeks because she just launched a line of customizable caftans showcasing your pup’s face. Hello chic?!?! YES, PLEASE.

Erika Girardi's dog, Tiago

I was double impressed to see that Erika Girardi's pup Tiago is a rescue as well! Rumor has it he was on the hunt for a girlfriend last year. I am really hoping he is still single because I would love to have my sister Muppet move in with him—so she can move away to LA and stop riding my coattails.

Meghan King Edmonds' dog, Girly Girl

Most people don’t know this, but Meghan King Edmonds’ Girly Girl and Carole Radziwill’s Baby are actually cousins from the same breeder. While I have never met Girly Girl, Baby and I are thick as thieves. (She was a bridesmaid at my wedding, hello!) Her mama also does a ton of work for animal rescue and even adopted two kittens recently!

Juliet Angus' dog, Lady Peanut Butter

Lady Peanut Butter, pup to Juliet Angus, feels like a family member whom I have never met. I would gladly cross the pond to hit the shops with this gorgeous Cavalier who happens to look just like my sister Muppet. Or maybe we can have a Range Rover drive us around the countryside? Either way. She is fancy AF and I am in.

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