Fancy AF Turtles Get Their Own Beach Concierge at Shangri-La Resort and Spa

Fancy AF Turtles Get Their Own Beach Concierge at Shangri-La Resort and Spa

They’d like to request some teeny-tiny Mai Tais.

By Kristyn Pomranz

You know how The Real Housewives of Everywhere go to extremely exotic locales and have their every whim catered to? Even if that locale is Morocco and that whim is having a psychic tell Ramona Singer that her husband was going to leave her for another woman?

Well, some baby turtles are on that grind.

At the luxury Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort and Spa in the small country of Oman, about 100 turtles and their eggs are getting first-class concierge service. The resort just so happens to be one of five nesting sites for hawksbill and green turtles, and the hotel has maintained a strict conservation plan since its development.

The resort’s turtle concierge, Mohammed Al Hasani, keeps full-time watch over the endangered species. He trained for months to learn all about the species, and he is proud to have such an important opportunity. He told Lonely Planet that his favorite part of the job is “coming to work in the morning and checking with excitement to see if there are any new nests or signs of new hatchlings that have already ran off to the sea during the night.”

Besides staying vigilant and protecting the turtles from harm, Al Hasani also serves as an educator for resort-goers, teaching guests all about their tiny, shelled vacation mates and the importance of their ecology.

So far, more than 170 baby turtles have successfully hatched on the beach. No word if any of them have requested a psychic reading.

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