Here is a Walking Potato

Here is a Walking Potato

Yo, that potato is on the move.

By Kristyn Pomranz

There are lots of terrible things about the internet: the way people can hide anonymously behind their screens and bully others, the propagation of angry “think pieces,” fighting about politics literally everywhere (even in the Facebook comments of a story about puppies).

But for as much as the internet sucks, it also occasionally gives back…sometimes in a MAJOR way. Case in point: this Walking Potato.

We’re not sure what kind of science or witchcraft resulted in a potato sprouting legs and going for a jaunty walk across a contemporary kitchen floor, but quite frankly, we are HERE FOR IT. And, in fact, we would be quite okay if 50% of potatoes followed evolutionary suit, so long as the other half remains inanimate and gets cut up and fried.

Many thanks to @CuteEmergency for bringing Walking Potato into our lives.

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