What Happens When You Eat Turmeric Every Single Day for a Week? The Results Are...Hilarious

What Happens When You Eat Turmeric Every Single Day for a Week? The Results Are...Hilarious

One thing's for sure: You'll be kinder to the creepy guy with the blond top-knot in your yoga class.

By The Feast Staff

Turmeric, turmeric, turmeric. Perhaps you've heard a little something lately about everyone's new favorite spice? The subtly powerful yellow-orange ingredient has escalated from quiet storm to thundering celebrity over the past year. Surely you know by now that it's one of the most-searched-for food terms on Google; maybe your own search habits have contributed to its meteoric rise? 

Turmeric is, yes, terrific. It adds flavor, gorgeous color, and a health boost to all kinds of foods; Indian cuisine and Ayurvedic medicine have been onto its benefits for centuries. In the West, turmeric has lurked in the background for ages but is lately showing up in the trendiest drinks, the trendiest cookbooks, the trendiest cosmetics, and pretty much everywhere. The implicit message? Eat and drink as much turmeric as you can possibly put into your face. At least that's the way we supersizing types stateside have understood it.

So, what happens when you eat turmeric all the time, every day? A writer for New York's The Cut went on a seven-day turmeric regimen, to see if turmeric could help cure inflammation and other assorted issues prevalent in modern life. The results? We won't give them away, except to say they're very, very funny.

"We are, as a nation, nothing if not terribly inflamed, vulnerable, desperately in need of soothing but all too prone to harsh overcorrection," writes The Cut's Jessica Pressler. As she goes through her all-turmeric week, she attends a yoga class and sits behind a blond-topknotted guy wearing a "Sky's Out, Thighs Out" T-shirt. "Normally, I might roll my eyes but I’m still feeling magnanimous toward millennials," writes Pressler, feeling the positive effects of all that turmeric. "After all, it’s harder than ever to be young — and I find it kind of endearing that this generation can’t yet see their future fashion regrets the way a person who wore Beetlejuice tights throughout the ‘90s can."

But wait, before you add a lifetime supply of turmeric to your shopping cart, you'll definitely want to read about how the rest of her week went.

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