Here Is the Safest (and Deadliest) Place to Sit on an Airplane

Here Is the Safest (and Deadliest) Place to Sit on an Airplane

Read before you book.

By Alesandra Dubin

Folks with a fear of flying should know that, statistically speaking, it's actually exceedingly safe: Consider that last year, the safest place to be on the planet was on a U.S.-based commercial airliner. (Nobody died, for the seventh year running.)

But, of course, incidents do happen. So if you're the type who picks seat assignments not based on the luxury of the experience, but in consideration of worst-case scenarios, here's what you need to know.

Although the National Transportation Safety board doesn't keep such statistics — you can imagine the reasons why — some independent media outlets have sought to analyze crash history and come up with specific, data-driven answers.

All told, seats located in the back of the plane, behind the wing, had a 69 percent survival rate, while seats located over the wing in economy class had a 56 percent survival rate, according to Popular Mechanics. The front 15 percent of seats had a survival rate of less than half — specifically, 49 percent.

In a separate analysis, Time determined similar findings: It noted that seats in the last third of the plane had a lower fatality rate (32 percent) than those located over the wings (39 percent) or up in the front third of the plane (38 percent).

That said, all crashes are different, of course.

“Each incident or crash is unique,” said Alison Duquette, a spokeswoman for the Federal Aviation Administration told the Huffington Post. And therefore, “There is no safest seat.”

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