There's Only One Right Way to Hold a Coffee Cup, and It's Not the Way You're Doing It

There's Only One Right Way to Hold a Coffee Cup, and It's Not the Way You're Doing It

The scientists have weighed in, and turns out we're all doing it wrong.

By Drew DiSabatino

It’s never a big confidence booster to learn that you’ve been doing something wrong all your life. It could be the way you tie your shoes. Or the way you change the toilet paper roll. Or even peel a banana

Now add to that list: the way you hold your cup of coffee.

According to Munchies, scientists have finally found the best way to hold your cup of coffee—with data (and some sweet, complicated math) to back it up.

The traditional method—holding your cup from the side or handle—works against your natural body movements, which is why you’ve spent so much time in your life wiping up brown drips from your desk, pants, or coffee table. 

The solution? Well… you may not like it. It turns out the best way to hold your cup of coffee in order to minimize spillage and maximize caffeine-goodness is by pretending you’re some monstrous lab animal with the arm of a T-Rex and the shriveled paw of a gorilla. 

This over the top (literally) method allows you to better control your mug and reduces your accelerations. According to researcher Jiwon Han, who even published a scientific paper on it, titled "A Study on the Coffee Spilling Phenomena in the Low Impulse Regime", this method also reduces the frequency of oscillations in your coffee mug as well as the frequency of spillage. 

In short: the coffee splashes around a little less, your pants thank you a lot more. 

As if walking around with your coffee like you’re Gollum from Lord of the Rings wasn’t drawing enough attention, Han goes on to suggest that for truly maximum non-spill action you should also walk backwards when handling your cup of joe. This unusual walking, Han claims, forces us to pay more attention to our motion and in turn causes us to balance our coffee a little more carefully.

Of course if walking backwards doesn’t appeal to you there is an alternate option:

Use a bigger mug. 

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