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Bravo's Fashion Week Pop-up Blood, Sweat & Heels

#BloodSweatHeels' Daisy Lewellyn Reveals the Most Surprising Thing About #NYFW

The Fashion Week veteran shares her take on where to be, who to look for, and what to wear. 

By Daisy Lewellyn

New York Fashion Week is upon us! And in order to bring you everything from the runway looks to the hottest after parties, we're turning to Bravolebs and fashion insiders for their knowledge about the annual pilgrimage to the Big Apple. 

Truth be told, the best seat [at New York Fashion Week] is just outside of the fashion shows. Front row is of course fab, but not the end all be all. Cop a chic stance just outside of the fashion shows to get the real front row seat to every single person that comes and goes. Sometimes celebs sneak in backstage, but everyone is someone at NYFW, so there is no VIP. If you are there, YOU are VIP!

Some may say never dance [if you're sitting front row], but I simply can't help it. If I hear good music, Daisy's body has to move. And NYFW always has the absolute best new music. Now you should never ever take a phone call during a show. It's simply rude and totally disrespectful to the designer. It's also a surefire way to make sure you are never invited to this designer's show again. 

Once when I was an assistant at Glamour magazine, my boss sent me to a show on her behalf. This guy comes just seconds before the show is about to begin and tells me that I was in his seat. The lights were literally going down and the runway was lit. The models are about to walk the runway, and he was clearly out of his mind. "Well pardon me sir, the show is about to begin and you are LATE!" You won't believe what this dapper dude in argyle does...he sits on me! The thought of this makes me LOL. Violence or invasion of space is never the answer at NYFW. Needless to say, he eventually moved to the next empty seat. Talk about ego...and a sore knee. 

It's totally fine to wear the designer [to their show]. But it's also not a bad thing if you don't wear the designer. Traditionally, the big shoppers, clients of the designers, and celebs specially invited to the show like to wear the line. They are usually attending the show for fun, and as sport. Editors and bloggers are usually dressed in whatever is clean and chic, especially since they have several shows to attend in one day.  

I love interviewing celebs, models, designers, and top bloggers and editors. It is always more fun for me to work a show, than to sit and watch the show. I'm a career girl at heart, so I prefer to go with a goal, and help the designers gain more exposure in order to help their line be more successful. This business is all about support and pulling one as you climb. 

[New York Fashion Week is] a lot less pretentious than people would assume it is. I've been going to NYFW for 16 years now, and over the years you see the waves of patterns. If you are there to work, you are working, you are focused, you are on deadline, and most likely very tired. If you are there to moreso people watch and have your photo taken, you may tend to take on an arrogant air that isn't necessary. You would be surprised. Sometimes the higher people are on the crystal-studded ladder, the kinder they are. 

I am biased and always vote for Sir Kors, Mister America himself, the legendary Michael Kors [as the hottest show at NYFW]. He never fails with his collection: classic, chic, and very inspirational. He makes you feel like you are ready to board a private plane to Ibiza with no jet lag or turbulence. It's a throwback, but Puffy and Kimora Lee used to put on the best shows. [They were] the best because they were like a party: hot celebs, DJ Cassidy spinning, champagne, and more. But since they have not shown much lately, I would have to cast my pink vote on Tracy Reese. She is always so consistent with her happy prints, colors, and mind-blowing silhouettes. If it's good enough for Michelle Obama, it's good enough for me, baby!

My fave memory is when I actually was hired to work for NYFW. I was standing in line as a 19-year-old FIT student awaiting my big chance to volunteer with the Volunteer Coordinator Patty Hughes. I was so excited to be an exchange student from Howard [University], and lived and breathed everything NYC. Well, Patty and I hit it off so well, she actually ended up hiring myself and my good friend Love as her actual personal assistants. We not only got to work, but we got a little check, too! I would have done it for free, but the entire experience just showed that it pays to be...nice. -As told to Emily Exton

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