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My So-Called Fight

Markus Klinko explains his side of the story from the Eve photo shoot.

I am really excited about our new show on Bravo! Indrani and I have worked together as a photography duo for over 15 years and this show is our latest addition to our already crazy lives.

People are asking a lot of questions about the so-called "fights" between Indrani and me on the show. To me "fight" is the wrong terminology. The heated discussions we often have are simply our way of negotiating our different artistic ideas and creative concepts. We do often start out a project with very opposite ideas and there lies the strength of our collaboration. We operate from a dual perspective. We are both extremely passionate about what we are doing and when the dialogue heats up it's not a fight but a process to unify the direction of the project until we both are happy with it. So that's what works for us. Why should we change it? And that thing about the hotel room? Well, that was a bit on the silly side, but after all we are an ex-couple and stuff like that can happen, so get over it! Plus, that too got worked out in the end.

Personally I choose to live my life focusing on creative and artistic matters. I don't have a great passion for running a business, dealing with logistics or organizing paperwork, etc. I very purposely choose to eliminate all those activities and responsibilities and to clear my mind to be able to have the best platform from where to be creative from. Some may think that this is a childish and spoiled approach, and from the perspective of an accountant those who say that may beĀ  correct. But I am not an accountant nor do I desire to become one. I started out as a classical musician and became a photographer, never with the motivation of money or other material gains. To put it simply, I was moved and inspired first by music, and then later in life by photography and wanted to do the best work possible in those fields for the pure pleasure and satisfaction that I get from it. Money is needed to operate but interests me very little as an end goal. I feel very privileged and grateful that I have been successful in two very different careers, it's something I recognize as a great gift.

On the shoot with Eve, a friend of hers started shooting our shot that we had taken pains to creatively plan: setting the location up, styling her look, deciding the hair and makeup, figuring out the lighting, etc. It was not something that neither we nor any other professional fashion photographer would ever allow. It was necessary to request that he stopped. If a singer recorded her next album, and I just stopped by the studio with a tape recorder and started recording the main session in progress for my own usage, do you not think that all hell would break loose and I would be thrown out in a heartbeat? Think about that for a second if you thought that my handling of the situation with Eve's friend was overly-fussy or selfish. Those who do not understand the concept of copyright may need to consider why it was created in the first place. It exists so that creative work is protected. That is pretty important in our business.

Next week's episode has a couple amazing shoots covered, one of them featuring the ultra-glamorous Dita von Teese. Tune in and have fun!

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