Peace and Plaid

Tara explains her desire to help others, and to open up on camera.

What The Water Gave Me

Ambria discusses the team's work with Generosity Water and how proud she is of Tara's progress.

We Are Family

Karina explains her escape from the store and how the STA staff has bonded.

El Final Feliz

Wilson shares his experiences in Haiti and his sadness over the season ending.

Cuff Love

Episode 10 and 11:'s Associate Editor ponders Chanel's old bracelets and Kelly Killoren Bensimon's pillows.

True Value

Karina was surprised by the fuss made about her Louboutin pricing.

Accustomed to Customs

Episode 9:'s Associate Editor imagines what she wouldn't claim at customs.

Officially Thrift

Ambria explains why taking damaged goods just isn't something Second Time Around can do.