Tara tells us the tale of how she came to Second Time Around, for the second time.

Did I really keep daily notes to help make sure I didn't wear the same thing twice? Yup! I know. . .compulsive. Truth be told, it was a way to help keep order in my life (like I said, a tad OCD). I did have fun thinking about what to wear, as I always do. When I get dressed I think about the mood I am in, what was the weather is going to be, and what the event or activity is. It was a challenge that actually became a bit mathematical. And, in addition to keeping my fashion calendar, I loved creating vision boards and collages of all the words and images that moved me. Often, these collages would be the inspiration I needed to put an outfit together. Sometimes, it was a great fashion moment, other times -- not so much. But who cares, I had fun with it and sometimes made mistakes.

I recently came across a great book called, I Love Your Style by Amanda Brooks. She writes about how to define and refine your personal style, and how to discover what inspires it. So, if you have the desire to spark your wardrobe, pick up the book, or, stop by the store for a visit. I would love to talk through your likes/dislikes and help you find your comfort zone. Because, let’s face it, if you aren't comfortable or happy with what you are wearing, it will show.

So here I am at Second Time Around, a second time around (talk about serendipity!). I worked for the company 10 years ago in Boston between advertising gigs. Then, two years ago, I was riding my bike ("The White Beauty!") in Nolita, and the Mott Street store caught my eye! "Holy s--t." I thought, "that's STA!" I had no idea that the company expanded their business to NYC. I was immediately back in touch with them, and was given a store to manage. The timing couldn't have been more ideal. Like many, I was affected by the economic downturn, looking for work and thinking about my next steps. I was teetering back and forth about whether or not to return to my "glamorous," high-paying advertising lifestyle. In the end I realized I needed a change. I opted for a job where I could run my own store. Now I curate for a high end consignment boutique, where I have fun with a diverse of clientele, create eye-catching window displays and trying fashionable clothes on all day long! And wow, Fashion Hunters is a show on Bravo, who could have predicted that?

Ambria and I met shortly after I rejoined STA. She too was in the midst of a transition, so it was excellent timing for us to work together -- and have fun with fashion. As you may have taken away from Episode 1, she eats, breathes, and sleeps fashion! No really, trust me. Bored on a Friday night she will most likely be shopping online and figuring out a way to make those purchases happen -- even if it means the dollar menu at McDs for a week. I, on the other hand, approach my wardrobe differently. I'm not a huge shopper. When I'm out and about things simply catch my eye and speak to me, and that's when I usually make my purchases. I've always been a thrifty gal. A favorite past time was going to yard sales with my late Nana, Millie Dunn. And, OMGoodness, I remember the days when it was time for my mom to pick up our back to school or seasonal layaway! I could not wait! Today, I love going to flea markets or sample sales where I can get the most bang for my buck! Now you can see where STA fits. There's always a deal, a new look, or something that can inspire you.

When things got busier at the store and we needed extra help, I put the intention out to the universe (no, really!) and in walked Karina. Funnily enough, I used to work with her sister Danielle in advertising -- so the serendipity continued. Karina loves to shop consignment stores and there are several on the Upper East Side where she grew up. It was a no brainer to hire her. She was looking for some independence, and we were looking for someone with her enthusiasm, love for fashion, as well as her connections to some elite closets.

Wilson is our newest addition, who, as you saw, twirled his way into the store. Hmm. . .I am a fan of speaking your mind and he certainly didn't hold back with his thoughts on the men’s section. I agree, it needs some major work, and let's see, as Ambria says, if he can "bring it."

We are a colorful group with many dimensions, so tune in next week to continue watching it unfold. It's a fun opportunity to see a slice of NY life through our eyes. There will be some real characters that visit (I like the more kooky ones!). And of course you'll see more AMAZING fashion.

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