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Would You Send This Email to Your New Boss?

Jeff Lewis takes action after he receives a bold email from a new employee...

By Crystal Puccio
Taylor Gives Jeff Lewis a Harsh Review

During this week’s episode of Flipping Out, Jeff Lewis reveals to his team that he received a rather surprising email from his new employee, Taylor. On the 89th day of his employment, Taylor sent this message to Jeff and Gage at 12:14 AM…

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Jeff and Gage,

I'm approaching 90 days and thought now would be a good time to share with you both where my head is at...also we didn't talk much about bonus structure when I was first hired.

Jeff did not appreciate the email and immediately took action and responded with the following message:

Hi Taylor,

Gage and I have read your email and we decided to terminate you're employment effective immediately.

Thank you for your 90 days of service.

Then things got really nasty when Taylor responded to Jeff’s email with the following text message:

Here I go and leave a great job to come work for someone who I respected and wanted to learn from. I was all in, devoted, and took a massive pay cut to come work for you. You don't give a f***. You work your employees to the ground and you have zero respect for anyone but yourself, not to mention having to walk on eggshells every day. Go f*** yourself, Jeff. You're nobody. I fear for your daughter and her bleak chances of growing up to be a decent human being. I feel sorry for Gage too.

After a few days, Taylor reached out to Jeff again with the following message:


I would like to take a second and apologize to  you. I shouldn't have sent you that text message. I was extremely upset and felt blindsided by being terminated that it caused me to take out all of my frustration on you. Perhaps you didn't think the email I sent you was appropriate, but I don't believe that was grounds to fire me.

At this point it was too late for Taylor and the bridge had already been burned. However, tensions are running high all throughout Jeff Lewis Design and things are taking a toll on Jeff and Gage’s relationship. Watch this very tense moment between the couple:

Jeff Gets Upset With Gage and Says He's Not Focused
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