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Sophie Stanbury: I Honestly Believed #Humpgate Was a Joke

Sophie defends Caroline Stanbury's actions during the Humpgate debacle. 

By Sophie Stanbury
Juliet vs. The Stanbury Sisters: A Onesie Battle Royale Tell us how to get a blow out that lasts all New Years Eve like your gorgeous hair!

Sophie Stanbury: Thank God for Michael Charalambous at Nyumba Salon for my blow dry on NYE – while everything else was falling apart my hair at least stayed together and the blow dry lasted all night! Tell us about #Humpgate and Juliet’s reaction to the incident and the “winding up” later in the evening.

SS: As I had drunken way too much champagne I honestly believed that Humpgate was a joke and I hadn’t realized how seriously Juliet was taking it until the last part of the night when I was winding here up. If I had had less to drink and was more aware of her feelings then I would not have wound her up as much. I still believe it was all a joke as we were all drinking and dressed up but I would not ever intentionally go out to hurt or upset someone.

Caroline Stanbury's Sorry, Not Sorry What did you think of the aftermath of it all the next day at brunch? Did you want to hide under your duvet?

SS: The next day was painful in everyway, I was feeling sheepish as I knew I’d drank too much and probably behaved fairly outrageously as well as having a terrible hangover – I would much rather not have gone to the brunch and taken a day of recovering quietly with the paper before my children were dropped back from my parents. Instead I had to face the music and go and sit round having a polite conversation which felt very fake… but of course I didn’t want to be rude or make an issue of anything by not turning up. Any surprises in store for your upcoming birthday?

SS: My birthday was super fun, with NYE behind us I just wanted everyone to get on and have fun. I didn’t realize what some of the girls had in store for me and it did become a little like a hen night but it was a lot less high octane than NYE and thankfully I didn’t overdo it on the champagne this time. I have now discovered that I am a total lightweight when it comes to alcohol and the key is pacing yourself!

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