Don't Bungle the Jungle

Don't Bungle the Jungle

"Walking on the wild side immediately evoked two distinct emotions from the designers - SHOCK and TICK-TOCK!"

Snakes, tarantulas, monkeys, llamas - oh my!!!

This week's challenge of incorporating a live animal inspiration into the design of a single garment was fabulous! This week's execution by most of the designer's was less than.

As I blogged about last week, inspiration is found in life - so what better of it's principle elements than nature? Walking on the wild side immediately evoked two distinct emotions from the designers - SHOCK and TICK-TOCK! With only one day to create a look combined with the challenge of having to incorporate their "new friend" into the garment you could see and feel their stress and panic! Hence, the lack of creativity, clear thinking and vision in the end result. Kathy said something in her interview that disappointed me though, and I know it was just the pressure she was feeling talking. "I'm not going to take risks, be theatrical" - thankfully she did not listen to herself and instead followed an internal compass and DID take a chance. By incorporating the zebra fabric in her jumpsuit after Dan and Dean reminded all of the designers not to take the challenges as "literally" WAS taking a risk. Her garment was chic, sleek, cohesive to her brand - a winner.

Vanessa and Patrick - as I noted to the group during our recap, it's just not enough to say you target a specific customer or claim we don't understand you. It is up to all of the designers to find the voice within their brand and design looks that speak to it. Trust me, we shall hear, see and know your girl, woman LOUD and CLEAR! Kevin - you have an awesome spirit and energy. You go girl and be well!

Stay tuned for Week # 4

- x Stefani

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