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Out on the Town

Judge Lisa breaks down the latest episode, and she's not holding back!

So this week was to create an asymmetrical outfit for a night out on the town for their target market. I loved the inspiration, which was naked people. The boys called it art in the purest form!! The contestants' faces were priceless. They were allowed to use shape, form, color and elongated lines as inspiration from their models. I thought picking their models was a great idea and the panic was awesome.

I also like that in this episode they really showed the designers and the experts talking and brainstorming on what they are going to do. Another great thing about this show was whoever wins gets immunity from the next elimination which is a relief. I get Louanna using the brown suede for the color of the model as inspiration but it didn’t go with her collection or for an outfit at night. Even Dan asked what makes her outfit night and she seemed a bit stunned in the design room. I think she didn’t understand the challenge and the reality is she didn’t have vision of where her girl was going. She also knew her design wouldn’t work and scared she was going to be eliminated. Merle and Thai were onto something good, I liked where her outfit was going and that it could be for 2 events. Even Thai was finally getting stressed out with Merle. I think that an evening dress turned into a cocktail dress is a genius idea.

Vanessa wanted to introduce a different fabric but she didn’t. I think she has a hard time taking criticism, the outfit was horrible and the pockets that she loved scared me. I was not into Patrick’s fabric but it did go with his inspiration of the model that had the tattoos. You can totally see how Emil and Kathy have synergy and I love how Galina and Roberto irritate Merle. But what doesn’t?!!! I like Eric’s, but it looked the same as the first design.

Merle’s was gorgeous and took the stage and the bottom piece came off perfectly. Marilyn’s outfit was really pretty and sexy. Patrick’s was not cute but stayed true to his line. Louanna’s was day, I am not sure who would wear that at night. Kathy’s was really pretty. I hate orange as you all should know by now but putting that aside it looks good as a contrast with blue and I liked the sexy front slit. Vanessa’s...was she serious? She saw gold, and we saw elimination! I was happy Merle and Kathy were in the top 2 because they deserved it!!

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