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Big Tank and a Snake

Tyson talks models, animals, and art.

Big Tank and a snake. How about that? I've worked with animals before, so I can understand this one. Pretty much, it's common knowledge that I don't like snakes, so they wouldn't put me with one.

Stephanie was my sleeper. But I think she gave up. I was asking her some questions and trying to find out what was going on, but I really think, you know, if you can't make seven weeks, you won't make it in this busiess. All the art stuff, she was supposed to excel at --she ended up not doing so well. It's a shame.


Ben. Ben. Ben. He's doing bad. I don't know if it's the willpower, or if it's stress of the seven weeks, but I think Ben's on his way out too. I don't know. Whenver someone ends up in the bottom three more than once -- it has to mess with you mentally. You have to start thinking, "maybe I'm not good enough for this."


I don't know if Casey is going to make it. There's nothing wrong with it,but Casey is a little pigeon-toed. I've been watching him walk for a while now, and I finally figured it out. I kept watching every piece of his body all the way down to the foot. And it's that left foot -- it messes up his walk. You wouldn't see Naomi Campbell come down the catwalk like that. She wouldn't have gotten to where she is with a pigeon toe.


He did okay this week. He's getting by. I just want that kid to understand what business he's getting into. I want him to straighten up and fly right.


I've always said that girl is great, but I don't know if she's tough enough. She's got the looks and everything, but you all saw her fiance. The guy is drop dead gorgeous. If he said to her, "it's either me or this business," she'd never make it. She's thin-skinned. She's sensitive -- and in this business, you have to be tough as nails.


Poor Jacki. Still the same. No progression. And we don't want that as a supermodel. You have to blow people away. You got to come even close to filling Tyson Bekford's shoes, and I have a hard time seeing that happening. She will work as a model, that's for sure. I know a lot of women who are great for bathing suit models but not high fashion. And she can definitely do that.


Perry's almost engaged. And we saw the episode where he's begging his girlfriend to say she loves him. And that's tough...when I was coming up in the business, I didn't have the distraction of a girlfriend or anything like that. I think when you have that, it makes it really hard, because you're so worried about what they're going to say: "I just got booked to work for two months in Milan, I wonder if my girlfriend is going to be cool with that..." It's just hard to know how it's going to play out. And so I was, in a lot of ways, lucky. I didn't have to think about any of that. Of course, I didn't have a son, or any of the things I have now, but at the time, I could do what I wanted. Perry's a fighter though. He's walking on a broken foot.


I think the people voting for Ronnie time and again aren't necessarily fashion people. Ronnie is a good kid. He'll work, but he's still got that cheese factor. People keep saying, he's "not as cheesy..." But he still is. He'll make some money, he'll make good money, but it still really remains to be seen -- is he a supermodel?


She's six feet tall. Some designers are going to say she's too tall. I just think I'm dead on about her. She's great, She'll work, she'll do high fashion, but I don't know if that adds up to supermodel. She might be missing a certain level of "je ne sais quoi." She can shoot pictures, she can do runway, but can she host a show? Does she have it all? I don't know.

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