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My Wife and This Business

Ben feels conflicted. Let him explain.

So the week started out by myself and the other two that were up for the vote finding out the results. After Niki told me that I was safe, I let out the biggest sigh of relief. I know that I had to step up my game in a major way.

So thanks to everyone that voted to keep me on, I can't describe how grateful I am. So as soon as we left the catwalk we got back to the house so we could reveal to the others who made it out of eliminations. Shortly after we got back to the house, we headed out to SOHO to meet with Lyndon from Reiss. He was explaining to us how they cast multiple models that have chemistry on an individual and group basis, Lyndon then tells us that he's doing a casting session with us to determine who has the best chemistry. Some all got to put on some really nice clothes from Reiss and we did a variety of group shots.

I'm glad that we learned about chemistry because I didn't expect what the next day had in store.

The next day is an early wake-up and we are taken to a hotel. We walk into a room and see Tyson, Diana (our photographer) and a bed, I would've love to have seen my face when they said we were doing an intimate shoot on the bed, I'm pretty sure I said "Holy Crap". They read out the pairs that Diana had chosen and she put Katy and myself together. It was a little strange because I didn't feel as though we had chemistry. All that aside there was a job to be done and a goal to accomplish. We got in the room and just focused on the chemistry and the photographer. Although there was no sexual attraction to Katy, I feel as though we did a great job and made not only ourselves, but each other look good. It was a challenge for me because I had to get into it knowing that my wife was going to see it. But she knows that I love her and that this is part of the business. It was done tastefully and professionally and no-body was made to look bad. Sunday morning we went back to meet with Clay. I really like working out with him because he pushes to make us better. I love the intensity and passion that he has for what he does.

The next day came quick and we headed to another catwalk elimination. We were in the same couples as the photoshoot and we meet our stylist Renee. The theme for this catwalk was equestrian fetish. So to play on that they provided us with whips and some bondage accessories. As soon as we got our accessory, my partner fell asleep. So while everyone else was getting ready and practising we couldn't. It wouldn't have been a big deal but because of her poor time management we were barely able to talk about what we were going to do on the catwalk.

But we tried to make the best of it and at least we were safe this week. I was actually pretty surprised at the bottom three. I saw Jay being in it because he isn't getting stronger in his photos or his walks. I thought the other two would've been Frankie and Holly because of how they dealt with their shoot. Aryn was a surprise because she is a well rounded model and performed well this week but Jay took her down with him. But it's in America's hands who stays and who goes.

I love my wife.

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